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Posted by RD[FIN], 22.12.2011, 19:22

Good, thanks for asking :)

Posted by [roxy-mays]*, 20.12.2011, 12:14

:rolleyes: you are really hardcore aren´t you!?!
well my respect :sleep: :P
:mask: cya!

Posted by -$t00p!d., 12.03.2011, 19:26

oh well im doing fine, same old same old :happy:

what have you been doing instead of spamming the forums then?

Posted by -$t00p!d., 28.02.2011, 23:02


weren't you gone? :P

Posted by -ShOwtek;, 09.02.2011, 16:34

Haha i play now often again but i get raped in pub. Alot of good players around from the old days :happy:
Scrimmed yesterday, brings back old memories.

You should try it again :happy:



Posted by -ShOwtek;, 03.02.2011, 15:31

WOW!. its more then 1 year ago that we played together in aa3 :mask:
Time flies ?(

U still play mate?
I play aa2 now sometimes since 2 weeks
its fun



Posted by $[RD]$Mister_Low, 23.12.2010, 01:01

:hehe: Happy Xmas m8! :hehe:

Posted by pxx.-, 09.12.2010, 20:03

ooo like that.. mm yeah, i saw it by a friend. how its going now?

i don't buy black ops i think...

i get bit by bit my skills back on AA 2.8.5;p.

and i'm a hacker like some people again :laugh: lol.

Posted by pxx.-, 17.11.2010, 23:39

that sucks men! some new stuf in your pc, that will meby help?(so i did 2months ago, i buyed a whole new pc. all game s are playing well:D)

i played by a friend yesterdag black ops multiplayer, a lot of lagg's... he said: it's always in the beggin of cod.

And he know a lot of pc, so i hope so.

ps. i will buy black ops next week! for the pc also, can we pwn again all that noobs with eachother:D

Posted by pxx.-, 15.11.2010, 14:21

lol something was going wrong!

i will buy it for the pc also, i think next week!

you hear it from me:D.

Posted by pxx.-, 15.11.2010, 14:20

is it nice?:D??

Posted by pxx.-, 03.11.2010, 19:05

haha yes you need to come back:D

old times you know, bomber, low , nameless man of steel. they still there;w

haha, MOH look's fake:P.. if i will play that i wil get banned by 30 servers;$ lol haha.

rgr, so you don't come back?

Posted by pxx.-, 02.11.2010, 12:19

come back;p. low is also playing:D

Posted by p1xx.-, 30.10.2010, 11:23

good good:D, and with you rubby 8) ?

still active on aao? i see you don't play anymore? or you also moved to AA 3?

Posted by pxx.-, 23.10.2010, 19:46

heee rubby 8)

Posted by [roxy-mays]*, 22.08.2010, 16:31

:mask: first i didn't believe it...
but it's true :rolleyes:
:D omg you're still here... :unsure:

Posted by -Xa)s.Peacemaker.^, 10.08.2010, 20:33

Well, couple of months to late...

Didnt play for a while (couple of years) :D , but i'm fine m8, you? Your still active I see. Maybe I'll get start again with AA, but i think i'm 100% noob again.

Maybe I cya in AA

Grtz, Peace

Posted by ;röllé-, 04.08.2010, 17:05


Posted by radiCal`, 17.07.2010, 14:18

hehe whazaaaaaaaa...how are you mate? :D

Posted by radiCal`, 22.06.2010, 12:32


Posted by Parabellum, 21.06.2010, 23:45

Sure man, if you ever come here just tell me

I'll make a special price :whistle: (and that's one of the beaches btw)

Posted by DaWnKiLLa, 10.06.2010, 20:00

Hey. Monthly spam.

Posted by ~Chris~, 31.05.2010, 21:54

die russenschlampe von ho for words? finde net dass des ne nutte ist ! 8o

Posted by ~Chris~, 31.05.2010, 19:36

Schlampe? Wer`?

Posted by D-S1GNZ.com, 26.05.2010, 19:09

No I'm not so tall :( :ranting: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted by DaWnKiLLa, 16.05.2010, 12:39

Seems I've also cursed your Gbook :P

Posted by DaWnKiLLa, 20.04.2010, 17:51

Glad to see your Gbook isn't as deserted as mine :P

Posted by Lihamestari., 14.04.2010, 23:12

Hello you old fart, how are you doing? :laugh:

Posted by -$t00p!d., 10.04.2010, 00:21

Starting to think there's this hidden message in the song or something... ;) Crazy how it makes me visit youtube and playing the song. :unsure: