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“Payback” Collaboration Trailer – Submit Your Videos

Over the years, the Battlefield™ series soundtracks have made their mark and have emblazoned their melodies in our ears. Battlefield 4™ is no exception. We are honored to partner with Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman X Steve Angello to bring fans of the artists a unique opportunity to get their Battlefield rela [...]
Written by Battlefield Blog, 27.08.2014, 14:55  0 Comments »

Community’s Most Wanted: Rescue Mode and Competitive Play

That’s right. It’s time.  Let’s talk…COMPETITIVE PLAY! We’re pretty excited to show off a mode you guys have been asking about – our hostage-rescue mode, titled, appropriately enough, Rescue. In Rescue, SWAT has three minutes to force entry into the criminals’ barricaded hostage locations and rescue the [...]
Written by Battlefield Blog, 15.08.2014, 17:45  0 Comments »

Battlefield 4 ESL One Summer Finals at Gamescom

The heat of competitive Battlefield gaming has reached Cologne! Some of the world’s best BF4 players have made their way to Gamescom to compete in the ESL One Summer Finals. The 8 qualifying teams will fight it out this Thursday and Friday for €30,000 and immense bragging rights. The ESL One Summer Fina [...]
Written by Battlefield Blog, 14.08.2014, 09:44  0 Comments »

Battlefield Hardline: 12 minutes of Singleplayer

Today, Battlefield fans around the world got a deeper look into the complete package Visceral Games is delivering with Battlefield Hardline. In a newly released 12 minute demo, shot entirely in-game, you’ll experience Battlefield Hardline’s unique style of storytelling, taking inspiration from the most [...]
Written by Battlefield Blog, 13.08.2014, 20:56  1 Comments »

Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer: Rescue Mode Trailer

Coming straight out of Gamescom 2014, we are stoked to show you more of the thrilling cops and criminals multiplayer mayhem that is Battlefield Hardline! In this new trailer you’ll get a taste of the new Rescue mode, with the illegal growing operation of the stunning map Growhouse as backdrop. Here it’ [...]
Written by Battlefield Blog, 13.08.2014, 17:45  0 Comments »
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