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07.02.2007, 16:47

Best Free Multiplayer Games?

Hey guys, i own a cybercafe... and i am looking for some cool (and free :hehe: ) multiplayer games..

does any of you know some?

thanks in advance,

edit: of course AA is already installed ... :) :wub:

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07.02.2007, 16:48

How about Americas Army?

:doh: :doh:
God will hate you if you vote for McCain/Palin.

:angel: :yeha:

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07.02.2007, 16:50


Originally posted by [bs-Army]-Shark
How about Americas Army?

:doh: :doh:

... of course AA is already installed :yeha:



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07.02.2007, 16:53

knights online.... free rpg

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07.02.2007, 17:01


Originally posted by Dark.Eagle.be
knights online.... free rpg


thanks mate.

already downloading.. =)



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07.02.2007, 17:08

www.warrock.net is one too lol some frends of me play it lal... :blink: :rolleyes:

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07.02.2007, 17:09


Originally posted by ]-Tank^-
www.warrock.net is one too lol some frends of me play it lal... :blink: :rolleyes:

hm hm ... checked it. thanks.

i think the final version is gonna be avaiable to download midnight of 7 February...

i think they're late. lol

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07.02.2007, 17:12

F.E.A.R. Combat pretty cool game, dont know many free ones really.

gl with the cafe

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07.02.2007, 17:12

F.E.A.R. multiplayer :happy:

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07.02.2007, 17:20

thanks to both of you guys. :)
already downloading knights online / FEAR combat (1.8Gb) 8o

thanks alot for your help. :)




07.02.2007, 18:11

Runescape. :angel:

Ru]N[3$c@p3! :wub:

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07.02.2007, 18:34


Originally posted by -TpS^NooB^
Runescape. :angel:

Ru]N[3$c@p3! :wub:

thanks again, already have warsow downloading.

noob, about Runescape... couldn't find the download link, it's entirely a web-game...correct?

thanks for all your help guys,

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07.02.2007, 19:00

Hi airoso,

Want a list well here you go! lol ITS BIG!


5 Days a Stranger is an adventure game developed by Ben Croshaw.
7 Days a Skeptic is the sequel to 5 Days a Stranger.


Abashera is a first person, 3D maze IQ game.
America's Army, a first-person shooter developed and distributed by US Army.
ADOM, a rogue-like game (technically postcardware as opposed to freeware)


Braminar is a text adventure for DOS from the 1980s.
BVE, free Railroad Simulator created by Mackoy of Japan.


Call Of Combat, a multiplayer World War II combat simulator.
Chart wars, a record label simulator.
CodeRED: Alien Arena, a free deathmatch shooter.
Voyage Century, a MMORPG that involves commanding ships in the 16th century


Doukutsu Monogatari, a.k.a "Cave Story" by Studio Pixel. A Metroid style adventure game.


Eastside Hockey Manager, a hockey manager game.
Eternal Daughter, a Castlevania-esque adventure game.


Flyff, a Free 3D MMORPG similar to Maple Story.
Frets on Fire, a Guitar Hero Clone.


Ground Control, a 3D RTS game, downloadable from the creator's site (http://www.massive.se).
Gate88, an Asteroids RTS game.
General, a strategy game with text interface.
GunBound, a 2D multiplayer turn based tank game, like Worms and Scorched Earth.
Gunster, a 2d multiplayer sidescrolling shooting game - quite similar to Soldat.




Icy Tower, an arcade tower climbing game.
Imogen, a cartoon platform puzzle game.




Knight Online, a free-to-play concept MMORPG.
Kuma\War is a first and third-person squad-based war game.


Liero is a 2D shooting game.
Liero Xtreme is a sequel and fan re-make of Liero.
Little Fighter 2 is a game that consists of battling which is 2D.


MapleStory, a 2D side-sidescroller MMORPG.


N is a classic platformer game with advanced physics.
Nethack is a famous rogue-like game
Nexuiz, a futuristic deathmatch FPS.
Noctis, an exploration simulator from Alessandro Ghignola of Home Sweet Pixel.


Orbiter, a spaceflight simulator with an emphasis on realistic orbital mechanics.


Progress Quest, a parody of Everquest and the MMORPG genre, focuses on pure character building with no interaction involved.




Rappelz, a 3D MMORPG.
RuneScape, a 3D MMORPG


Savage, a multiplayer game combining RTS, FPS, and third person view genres.
Seiklus, a single-player exploration/adventure game.
Silkroad Online, a 3d South Korean based MMORPG.
Simutrans, a game that focuses on building a transportation network and is similar to Transport Tycoon.
Smashing Pumpkins into Small Piles of Putrid Debris (SPISPOPD), a 1993 DOS based top down shooter by Jamul software, jokingly based on a Doom newsgroup thread. (archived link)
Space Cowboy Online, a 3D aerial combat MMORPG
Soldat, a side-scroller inspired by Liero and Worms, combined with elements from Counter-Strike and Quake.
Steel Panthers: World at War, a remake of an older strategy game from Matrix Games.
SubSpace, a two-dimensional top-down space shooter game with massively multiplayer capabilities.


Tank Mania, independent online multiplayer 2D game.
The Universal, independent online 3D game.
Trackmania Nations, a 3D racing game specially developed for the Electronic Sports World Cup by Nadeo.
Tremulous, a multiplayer First-Person Shooter.
Trickster, a 3D combat/trade MMORPG.
Trilby's Notes is the third game in the series about Trilby.






Warning Forever is a vertical shooter where players only fight bosses.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a standalone multiplayer expansion to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.







Source Wiki (God bless). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_freeware_games

Here is also a good list of free commercial games that has since been releases under freeware licence.

Akalabeth (1979), a.k.a "Ultima 0", an RPG by Lord British.
Allegiance (2000), a multiplayer space shooter/ RPG by Microsoft_Research.
Battlecruiser 3000AD (1996), a space simulation game by Derek Smart.
Battlecruiser Millennium (2003), a space simulation game by Derek Smart.
BC Racers (1993), a racing game by Core Design.
Beneath a Steel Sky (1994), an adventure game by Revolution Software, released to support the ScummVM Project.
Beyond the Titanic (1986), a text adventure game by Apogee Software, re-released as freeware in March, 1998.
Bio Menace (1993), a side-scrolling platform game by Apogee Software, released as freeware in December, 2005.
Boppin' (1994), a puzzle game published by Apogee Software, released as freeware in 2005.
Castle of the Winds (1989), a tile based RPG for Windows 3.x, written by SaadaSoft.
Castle Infinity (1996), a MMOG by Starwave.
Caves of Thor (1989), a maze game by Apogee Software.
Defender of the Crown (1986), a strategy game by Cinemaware.
Dink Smallwood (1997), an RPG by RTsoft, released as freeware on 17 October 1999.
Elite (1987), space trading game by Acornsoft, freeware release in 1999 courtesy of game developer Ian Bell.
Elite + (1991), space trading game by Acornsoft, freeware release in 1999 courtesy of game developer Ian Bell.
Enemy Nations (1997), a real-time strategy game by Windward Studios.
F.E.A.R. Combat (2006), the multiplayer portion of F.E.A.R., by Monolith Productions.
Flight of the Amazon Queen (1995), an adventure game by Interactive Binary Illusions, released to support the ScummVM Project.
Freespace 2 (1999), a space combat sim published by Interplay.
God of Thunder, a puzzle game by Adept Software.
Gridlee (1983), an arcade game by Videa.
Hardwired (a pre-release version of Red Zone) (1994), a shooter by Zyrinx for the Sega Genesis.
Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe (1999), a game by Illusion Softworks, released for free as promotion for the sequel Hidden & Dangerous 2.
Jetpack, a platform game by Adept Software.
Ken's Labyrinth (1993), a first-person shooter by Ken Silverman.
King of Chicago (1987), an action adventure strategy game by Cinemaware.
Lure of the Temptress (1992), an adventure game by Revolution Software.
Major Stryker (1993), a scrolling-shooter game by Apogee Software, released as freeware in March 2006.
Marathon Trilogy, a series of first-person shooter games by Bungie.
Netstorm (1997), a real time strategy game by Titanic Entertainment/Activision, released as freeware in 2002.
One Must Fall: 2097 (1994), classic fighting game by Diversions Entertaintment, declared freeware on February 10, 1999.
Railroad Tycoon Deluxe (1991), an economic simulation game by MicroProse.
Savage: The Battle for Newerth (2004), a blend of FPS and RTS gameplay by S2 Games.
S.D.I (1987), an action adventure game by Cinemaware.
Shadowbane (2003), a fantasy MMORPG by Ubisoft, released as freeware in 2006.
Stargunner (1996), a scrolling shooter game by Apogee Software, released as freeware in 2005.
Starsiege: Tribes (1998), a first-person shooter game by Dynamix/Sierra On-Line, released as freeware in May 2004 as publicity for the release of Tribes: Vengeance.
Supernova (1987), a text adventure game by Apogee Software, re-released as freeware in March, 1998.
S.W.I.N.E. (2001), a real time strategy game by StormRegion, released as freeware (S.W.I.N.E. Free Christmas Edition) in 2005.
The Adventures of Robby Roto! (1981), an arcade game by Bally Midway.
The Elder Scrolls: Arena (1994), an RPG game by Bethesda Softworks, floppy disk version released as freeware in 2004 to mark the 10th anniversary of the TES series, and as publicity release prior to the 4th installment, Oblivion.
Tribes 2 (2001), a first-person shooter game by Dynamix/Sierra On-Line, free download release in 2004 as publicity for the release of Tribes: Vengeance.
Trivia Whiz (1988), a trivia game by Apogee Software.
Tyrian (1999), a space shooter by Epic MegaGames, released as freeware by its author Jason Emery in 2004.
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (1985), an RPG by Lord British.
Wings (1990), a flying game by Cinemaware.
Word Whiz (1988), a trivia game by Apogee Software.
Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport (1995), a fighting game by Argo Games/Apogee Software, released as freeware in 2006.
Zero Tolerance (1994), a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis first person shooter game by Technopop.

As well as none freely distributable games

Grand Theft Auto (1998), by Rockstar Games, released as registerware freeware.
Grand Theft Auto 2 (1999), by Rockstar Games, released as registerware freeware.
Ground Control (2000), RTS game produced by Sierra Entertainment.
Wild Metal Country (1999), by Rockstar Games, released for free as registerware freeware in 2004.
ZZT (1991) by Epic Megagames.

Source Wili (God bless again). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_com…sed_as_freeware

There are plenty of freeware licence games out there now by budding developers and older titles that have now been made available on this licence type such as GTA ect…

I would suggest that you do as I have done for you here and make headway over to Wiki with these lists included and start testing these games for your client base.

Another tip. Don’t sell games, it will return you little to no profit, it may also end up costing you money to stock the titles! If your thinking about distributing games in your business may I suggest that you focus on resale of MMORPGS such as WoW and Everquest ect. Call up the development companies and try to make a deal with them! You have nothing to loose!


Heres a nice list of free FPS online games for you too.



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07.02.2007, 19:48

Enemy Territory

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07.02.2007, 19:50

Try Guildwars, i think its free :P


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07.02.2007, 19:54


Originally posted by mean_Mr.Grinch
Try Guildwars, i think its free :P

Nope, just no monthly fee.




07.02.2007, 20:17

ET (enemy territory) is fun...
the gameplay is good, but the graphics are soo bad!!


Ol' Dirty Bastard

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07.02.2007, 20:19

Shootout, Its a war game brought to you by the History Channel. Some missions are online.


Kuma War


Playable re-creations of real war events released weeks after they occur.
Accurate missions developed in advanced war game and distributed free online


Hope these help, I like both of these. :crazy:

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07.02.2007, 20:26

True Combat Elite


"TC:E is a modern world total conversion modification of the free, popular, stand-alone third-person shooter Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. That is, TC:E is an entirely free game, made by gamers, for gamers.


x tactical-teamplay oriented, modern-world combat simulation
x realistic weapon behavior simulation
x iron sight aiming system, no crosshair
x sophisticated ballistic simulation including multiple-layer object penetration
x professional mode: 1-life, short-timed, objective driven scenarios in realistic environments
x bodycount mode: team deathmatch style, gametype to relax?
x balanced, team specific set of real-world weapons (Beretta 92, Glock 19, Ump45, Mac-10, M4, Ak-47, and more)
x rich, deluxe graphics, based on high-resolution digital-camera shots
x lag compensation, client-side bullet prediction, punkbuster support
x immersive and lethal, fast-paced action"


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