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18.09.2008, 01:23



What is the better assault rifle ?

Available choices for this poll are 2

I love the assault rifles. i like the G3 and AK-47...


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[LoB] Lupes?


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21.09.2008, 18:48

G3 i love the most, yet because i mainly play now with my clan, i play as medic
when possible, i use the AK-47, but in all other occasions i use the L85A1, it's a real zuppa-uba-leet-gun, if you know how to use it :P

thx to Jefster!



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21.10.2008, 01:43

I like G3, AK 47, F2000, and sometimes M16(very rarely, but I got good with it at longish range and laugh when people get pissed that they get killed by me)
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31.01.2011, 20:52

The AK-101 is IMO absolutely the best. Excellent single shot accuracy and good power on all ranges.
On the other hand, G36E has better accuracy, though it can't match the G36K from SF. If the G36K were an option, I'd vote for it.

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21.03.2011, 18:54

o.o that is all



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26.01.2012, 08:33

Problem is the G3 is NOT an assault rifle!

I used to own a G3, the G3 is "NOT" an assault rifle, its was so darn heavy I traded it up for a mil spec m4. The g3 ia an intermediate range battle rifle that fires nato 7.62 x 51mm rounds which is winchester 308. In real life nobody wants to have to carry a g3 as they are so heavy & along with the heavy ammo they are just not practical. The m4/m16 is good and very accurate out to 300 or 400 meters and is the most versatile of them all. The m4/m16 are very modular with tons of add-ons for multi role usage! lots of optics options ,lots of different types of ammo to use and tons of stock mods.

In real life I would select either the G36E or the m4/m16 over a g3, in gaming I would pick the m4 because from game to game the accuracy of them seem consistant and realistic!



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05.02.2012, 13:15

Agree... G36E or M16A2.
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