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18.03.2007, 07:04

Goliath vs Hachimoto


Goliath vs Hachimoto

Your comments and thoughts are appreciated =)

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18.03.2007, 08:59

I rather take Hachimoto, fast and agile and extremely powerful when used correctly.



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18.03.2007, 09:45

I voted both........ If u are playing pac there is no goliath so... The hachimoto has it advantages and so does the goliath. The driver makes the difference imo. If the driver sucks and has never heard of team play get out of em both. I don't understand goliath drivers that assault the pac home base when its locked and the hachimoto drivers that drive right into walkers or the goliath. But maybe its just me?

The goliath needs infantry to run next to it and an ids to scan for enemey's. The hachimoto needs to be in an position where the tv guided misile can be used.

All vehicles have disadvantages, right?

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18.03.2007, 10:22

I picked Both because there both just as good providing you know how to use them to their peak effectiveness.
Good Team work and communication in both is essential.



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18.03.2007, 11:22

depends what team im on and what NS ribbon/badge im working for



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18.03.2007, 15:03


Originally posted by Intruder
I rather take Hachimoto, fast and agile and extremely powerful when used correctly.

I agree but I selected the both option because on Port Bravia the goliath is usefl when you finally capture one of the first flags :yeha:

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20.03.2007, 14:34

I don't know. The first day, the Goliath owned. But now, it rarely last for more than 20 seconds before being blown to bits. It's almost like when Germany built the Bismark in WWII. England sent everything it had to sink the massive battleship.
Seems like people attack the Goliath in much the same way so it really has no chance with it being so slow.

I like the hachimoto to some degree. It is very fast and very deadly, but I personnally can't drive the thing. I like to be the gunner, but you are extremely exposed when gunning and you can't duck down. I have been shot out of the hachimoto by just about every weapon on the game while gunning. I get lots of kills being the gunner, but it's just to easy to get sniped out of it.



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21.03.2007, 05:39

if there are no engis or walkers around you can take the goliath with a walker over an extended period of time lol

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21.03.2007, 16:20

hachimoto even though its a fast moving deathtrap but so is the goliath
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11.04.2007, 22:22

I just played a round where we got penned into our last base (Titan docks map) on assault lines, and I rescued the team by taking a speeder (Hashypipeythingy) between the legs of a walker, and over the edge of the "cliff" down the slope to their base. Needless to say it was on about 12% health by the time I got there, but I jumped in and out of every APC in the place creating spawnable vehicles for our team and drove one back up to launch back at a Titan dock flag. Capped it and struggled on to win the round 10 - 0. Close but just!

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14.04.2007, 05:17

The Hachimoto is great for speed and agility, even faster than the FAV. But the key is to never stop when in one, you're just sniper bait at that point.