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07.03.2007, 17:21

Which game mode do u like best?


Game modes

I like conquest more then Titan, though I have to say on Titan maps its easier to get high scores per minute.

Which do u like and for what reason?



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08.03.2007, 01:04

RE: Which game mode do u like best?

I like TITAN mode. Conquest is like any other capture the flag game. Its TITAN mode that seprates the MEN from the MAMA's Boys. TITAN mode, you must play as a team or you will fail. Concquest can go both ways. You be the judge! But TITAN MODE RULES!!!!!!!!

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08.03.2007, 02:08

conquest IMO you get more points, but titan mode is more fun b/c its new
i voted both



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08.03.2007, 02:32

I like them both, but I prefer conquest over Titan. I guess its because it's new, but you constantly have five rtards playing as support camping inside a building covering each silo on Shuiha Taiba (I know I have spelt [spelled? :wacko: ] that wrong) So you get those down. And now we have 2, maybe three support players hopping in the enemy titan with the Clark 15B and the new RDX shooter thing (cant believe I've forgotten the name) taking out consoles single handedly.

Seriously in Titan you can have a squad with 4 support, one grease monkey, and a medic w/ AED-6 And then you have A squad with an unreasonably high score, able to completely wipe out the other team. All assuming the squad members were skilled.

Conquest Takes a little more skill to get a high score in my opinion.
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08.03.2007, 10:18

anyone can get a high score on titan mode, its on conquest that you get to see who really rules.

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08.03.2007, 10:49

conquest for the win..........i have given up on titan............ i lag bad on titan and titan only.............even when its not being attack i lag on it......... and every thing seems to go wrong for me on titan............when i do play i just ground pound the whole time now..............even when sheilds go down i will just ground pound...........



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09.03.2007, 01:17


Originally posted by Covert-X

Yeah saw that a little to l8 m8.........................

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09.03.2007, 01:19

Np. I think its better to make a new one anyway, more people will spot it and see if they both get the same sorta results.



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09.03.2007, 08:17

I like conquest the most, more in combat! ground pounding

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12.03.2007, 14:54

Conquest. Because I have lot of LAGG in titan.




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12.03.2007, 20:58

conquest assault line ! i hate uncaps ! and titan is way to much man to man unless i play it as conquest



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13.03.2007, 19:33

Titan is my fav. I just like the good mix of air & ground vehicles + destroying a titan in the end :)



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13.03.2007, 20:58

I like Titan because basicly it is conquest with a twist.
You can play it like conquest if you like, and then there is the Titan aspect.



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13.03.2007, 21:20


Originally posted by siiix
conquest assault line ! i hate uncaps ! and titan is way to much man to man unless i play it as conquest

The man to man part of titan games is exactly what I like so much about them :)

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13.03.2007, 23:03

im likin titan a bit now since it's not as laggy.. and that clark rdx... is beautiful on clearing or atleast scrambling corridor defenders



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18.03.2007, 15:18

Firstly I wanna know who the 2 people are who voted for Game modes?Are there any? Class :D

Secondly I love titan I think it's a fresh idea for BF and it's satisfying when ya jump off after blowing it up :P :)

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14.04.2007, 12:13

I like Conquest, simply because its 50x less laggy than Titan, I mean if you got two Titans close together your getting 20fps no matter what rig you own. Your twitching all over the place, your target warps inside the titan if its being attacked, Conquest is smoooth gameplay Imo.

A performance patch based for Titan mode would get me playing Titan alot more
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14.04.2007, 18:12

Titan is by far the best, it adds something extra to the game...

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22.04.2007, 13:58

:cry:if your a shat as me,you wouldnt care which one.but i like titan best. :blush: