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19.11.2006, 08:57

best ownage tatic


ownage tatic

whtas your favorite way to just own someone so badly..


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19.11.2006, 09:01

some of my favorite kills are the no scope sniper kills.

brings back memories from my no scoping Halo:CE/Halo 2 days :mask:

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19.11.2006, 14:04

Rail gun kills rock, you sit in a meaty cannon taking people out, while being armoured by the gun itself. Does it get any better?
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19.11.2006, 15:01

imo: the pistol wip is stupid.

like im not gunna pull the trigger
oh no
im going to hit you with my gun...

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19.11.2006, 16:41

pistol whipping would be awesome.
but my favorite has to be unscoped sniper rifle; heard a guy comoing behind me in bf2 whipped around shot him point blank(he was gonna knife me) in the torso with the m95.:mask:



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19.11.2006, 17:21


Originally posted by sonic03
pistol whipping would be awesome.
but my favorite has to be unscoped sniper rifle; heard a guy comoing behind me in bf2 whipped around shot him point blank(he was gonna knife me) in the torso with the m95.:mask:

Same like me! Many times when i use SVD they come to me and sometimes 1v1 (a bit close) and shooting at nothing and killing him.



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22.11.2006, 09:24

non, i like my clark on gibrolter

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22.11.2006, 11:56

Unscoped sniper kills have to be one of the most funniest things I ever experienced in this game ...

one time I was sitting in a transport chopper and we were trying to land on the enemy Titan. Suddenly the chopper got damage and when the pilot turned around I just shot at nothing in particular (I think I was aiming at the AA gun). Apparently there was somebody standing next to the AA gun cause I got a kill ... lmao. I was in a moving chopper, shot at the AA gun without zooming and I got a kill ... how cool is that eh 8)

It happens alot, I hear somebody coming from behind, turn round and just shoot ... and get a kill :rofl:



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04.12.2006, 09:47

im going to have to go with unscoped sniper kills. seriously when you get someone with one shot with an unscoped sniper kill, you feel like youre the man.....then you realize there is like 8 of them then you die :(, but its all good cuz you know you just no scoped some poor guy/girl



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26.12.2006, 19:00

None of the above.

When I am commanding and I see a cluster of guys laying somewhere, I mean like 7+, I drop a supply box near them and watch them run to it like ants. Then I drop Orbs on them :D

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01.03.2007, 18:25

Not that you can intentionally do this, but I love it when someone has 1 or 2 bars of health left, and you throw a grenade at them and strike them with it which kills them before the grenade even goes off.

I have accidentally done it twice, and I thought it was hillarious.

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01.03.2007, 19:17

RE: best ownage tatic

Defib kills have to near the top of my list as well. I get a kick out of someone trying to knife me while I have my defib out... Heh heh heh. :P

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01.03.2007, 20:26

how come pistol whip is an option in the poll when you can't do it in the game (can you?)?
Last time I looked I was 3rd in the world (1st in the UK) on the Commander points leaderboard! :)

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01.03.2007, 21:35

Pistol Whip? I wish.

But I'd rather be able to use my drill!

But I find it amuzing to whisper sorry in there ear before I stick um. Just wish we had that taunt....
you must be fast cause I was haulin a$$ when I passed you!

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05.03.2007, 20:48

RE: best ownage tatic

hehehehehehe The bodies go flying if you shoot someone with a Rorsc Railgun

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11.04.2007, 09:25

Put 5 demo-packs under their feet and blow it up. Guaranteed laugh when they hit the ground and you just start teabagging!!!
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14.04.2007, 06:05

Which Rorsch gun is the railgun? The AA or Ground Cannon?
Either way, I like the Ground Cannon to own. Nothing like staking out one of your silos, sitting in the Rorsch, and waiting for hapless enemies to come take it. Especially when one of them goes prone right in your sights. The bodies sure do a number when they going flying through the air. :)

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20.04.2007, 08:11

its great when you knife someone in match play...

its absolutly unnesessary but its such a burn when you can say you won in 2 plus i knifed a couple guys.