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20.09.2006, 08:38

RE: Your Gameplay style

teamwork = being together in a tank or chopper ?

or resupplie and revive????

thx to Jefster!

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22.09.2006, 03:33

im a good shot! flanker for me most time for me, or i go squad leader & find a nice cozy spot on a hill behind main base & let my boyz have a nice raping if anyone spawns on me.



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22.09.2006, 09:18

I'm usually the squad spawn-cow so hanging back and covering works pretty well. Especially as I seem to have settled into the role of PKM support-bitch. LOL

Blackhawk Spawn-Air is good value too.



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22.09.2006, 16:40

Teamwork forever.

Sweden rule!!



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22.09.2006, 20:03

RE: Your Gameplay style

I think there are a lot of people telling lies out there, I very rarely see people playing in a team, certainly not more than 50%!!!



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23.09.2006, 18:32

flanker- i'm always in a squad to help when it is possible, but sometimes i'll be by myself.



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24.09.2006, 02:06

Team worker(sticks to your squad and helps your team out) <--My answer, But it does vary I don't spawn camp, But sometimes I do lone wolf depending on the map and how the team is doing if we are losing I'll change what I'm doing to better help the team if we are winning lone wolf and sniping.

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24.09.2006, 02:48

its about no-thing

mogguh is er een tolk in de buurt?

ik ben een lone wolf

al die online games gaan nergens over!.
je koopt de game en denkt mooi met die specs kan ik spelen.
eenmaal 1e x upgedate moet je up gaan grade
allemaal flauwekul dat hele online gaming.
als iemand een ping heeft van 30 en jij 90 moet je er ook op rekenen dat het 1 kogel tegen 3 is diegene is tenslotte 3 x zo snel in millisec
vaak schiet ik heel magazijn leeg ook al is de helft raak 1kogel terug en ik ben kassie6plankies.
ziek word je ervan gare shit zooitje
heb ik al 4x upgegrade tot nu een 4400+ x2 2mb
asrock dual vsta
2 x1 gig kingston ddr400
ati radeon x1600pro 512mb<-- (waar je geen reet aan hebt)maar ja staat leuk
nou wil het een feit zijn al mijn kennissen met een pentium hebben geen last dus wat nou amd vs pentium .
en amd doet het beter met games ?????
1ding weet ik wel ik heb aardig wat online games gespeeld en ook al is het een spelletje het gaat nergens over!.
maar ja smaken verschillen nou eenmaal.
je word gewoon zwaar getild/in de maling genomen enz enz ect ect.
het spijt me zeer en ik weet dat het niet anders is maar voor mij is het gewoon oplichterij , het hele online gaming.
speel 1 x offline en je weet wat ik bedoel .

lagg latency problemen patch zooitje- upgraden na 1e patch welk online spel dan ook-ctd aan de orde van de dag grrrr- enz enz
en dan moet je smorgens nog fris en fruitig naar je werk ook mogguh wake uppppppppppppppppppppp
mvgr en enjoy your game kamikaasie lolol

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24.09.2006, 02:53

zeikerd.. nergens last van... :w00t:

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24.09.2006, 23:49

i have to admit, i most cases it s true; its easier to conquer, getting permanent supply and medipacks if played properly or going out as mounted infantry (APC & TANK);

BUT i saw also enemy squads got take out by only one sniper or by a spec... but this is my expirience, my fellow mates i play with and some maniacs out there.....

i would put a question mark after OWN like äähhh OWN? and what does it take to be a "great player"? or what IS a "great player"....?

my point of view 3 to 4 vs 1 either way, but odds getting slime wíth five or "6packers" ;) but thats the fun in it, to push your self to MAX. if accomplieshed youll FEEL GREAT...

SHOUT OUT 2 my squad mates KIROSIN, Erabaleshimono and DanyDaFrog äähhh i mean DanyDaDog hehehe CHARLIEsqd ruleZzz...!!!

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25.09.2006, 01:32

team work

think about it, if your with your team you have a good chance of not dying, all you need is support fire, medic, sniper, and what ever you want to be, because you might need ammo, thats sorted, medic if you get hurt of wounded, sniper for the ass cover, and support can help, also you can just throw nades or what ever but your coverd and not to mension alot of points for it

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25.09.2006, 13:23

Teamworker - Coverer.

A good cover is strategically essential
"Clear! Alright, Your'e good to go..."


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25.09.2006, 23:04

i love to snipe, therefore i am a camper... :P

its all about the headshot, sniping people out of the turrets of moving FAV's, sniping people after they jump off of buildings (sniped some poor guy after he jumped off the TV station, he didnt even get to pull his chute!), pwning all those silly n00bs that run in straight lines and all those 1337sauce bunnyhoppers.

i do snipe and squad lead all the time, people like to be able far above their enemies, gives us the advantage, makes it easy to take flags.

L96, knife, silenced pistol, granades and 2 claymores.

unless of course i'm flying something. then its hunt and kill.

if i get killed and my squad needs me as a different kit then i will change to help out the squad.


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26.09.2006, 00:06

Flanker.... I'll get em from behind or from the middle... rushing that is :laugh:
I hope you got enough! We rock G-Spots, neighbours be complainin’ when I make yo pussy beatbox...



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26.09.2006, 13:25

Check your stats! :)

To be a good bf infantery player, you need to cheeck your stats. Look at it and take medals, then watch your fragrate!!!


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26.09.2006, 21:35

infantry rockes on bf2us.com server!

Infantry ROCKS on BF2US.COM server!
High Points!

Join US and KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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28.09.2006, 11:50

THis poll is rubbish - there is no way there is that many team players. Even when people go in a squad they still dont work as a team.

I did a pole the other day - Apparently I am the worlds best lover!



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28.09.2006, 19:56

depends on my mood basicly everything but camper - as a situation evolves so does my play style adapt to it

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30.09.2006, 21:52

Im a team player. Its the only way you get anything done.
I do flank sometimes, but NEVER alone.



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30.09.2006, 23:05

i voted as team worker but most time these days it just lone wolf, patch 1.3 killed squad hopping which was really usefull
now if your going to be squad leader you gotta hang back so you don't get killed
i usually play as medic and when i do play in a squad i stick close by the leader so i can revie him when he gets dead :P