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07.09.2006, 15:58

HARR HARR Team Player


Originally posted by karchy
Over 50 % Teamworker ??

*lol* Where are you in game ?

The only Teamwork i saw on BF2 this year was on a Pistol/Knife Server.

But it´s getting better. With the new patch the Admin has the no Vehicles option.

The day yesterday was incredible fun :yeha:


I knew it all the time - i were on the wrong servers from the beginning up to now.
If we all are teamworkers then why did i see that many a**holes that give a damn about their team and you and the whole rest of the world :doh:

But i think i know how this voting came up like that:
The other choices were too lame, uncool, unethic.
Toi be honest i took teamplayer too but sometimes i am a lone wolf in a squad. :tongue2:


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07.09.2006, 18:12

Flanker in a squad an then rush in the ideal moment...
"Sir we are surrounded!" - "Excellent...we can attack in any direction."



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07.09.2006, 20:15

I tend to be the first in to find the claymores :doh:

I agree a good pilot in a team helps out a great deal when a big ass tank comes rolling around the corner.

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07.09.2006, 20:54

If I'm with mates we squad up get a heli and go on the rampage, otherwise I lone wolf in a jet or armour. If I'm on the ground I'm sniping so I'll find a nice quite area and pick the enemy off.

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07.09.2006, 23:34

i prefer to be squad leader and cover my squad with my l96a1,and spot targets ect for them.

if they die they can just spawn on me and go again.



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07.09.2006, 23:38

Flanker lone wolf the another players are to bad ... :whistle:



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08.09.2006, 00:37

They left out the Squad leader and Defender options.:doh:

Most maps have key flags which have to be kept to give your team a chance, and they need defending.

Like someone said earlier I'd far rather win with a low score than lose with a high one. After all its a team game about your team winning......isnt it! :hehe:

Thats one of the problems about this game, too many people just want to get their own scores up, and dont care about winning for the team. :pinch:



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08.09.2006, 00:44

I usually rush in lone wolf most of the time and I adapt if my team requires a change of tactics.

I'll occasionally team rush and flank.

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08.09.2006, 05:08


Im a jet whore and I don't care what you think about my kind cuz we own the freaking game. Jet base raping is the greatest experiance you'll ever get, and if you think that jet whores are noobs its because you can't take off the ground with one of us blowing you up. JET BASE RAPING IS THE SHIT ALL! (note: Jet Base Raping alone can win the battle, the only problem is jet noobs getting to the jet before you do.)
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08.09.2006, 05:25

When I have a good squad, I'll play with them.

Otherwise, I just go out there and kill everyone. :whistle:
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08.09.2006, 05:36

RE: Your Gameplay style

i crave teamwork :drool:
only problem is,80% servers r full of headless chickens,15% are owned/run by clan members who destroy you within seconds :cry: which leaves 5% that ok but hard to find :yawn:



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08.09.2006, 07:49

i love being commander. that is my #1 position and i can do an excellent job if people squad up and actually listen to me - i have the birds eye view of what is going on and won't send people in on suicide missions. everything i do is calculated. unfortunately sometimes people have their own agendas and play for themselves instead of the good of the team.

after commander next would be extreme team work - when i squad up with my buds i let them be their specialties and i will be something that benefits the squad whether it be a supply, engineer or medic.

last would be lone wolf as sniper or spec ops doing what they do best - creating havoc :)
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08.09.2006, 10:28

Rusher , in all cases, when i fly i will give info on vehicel movement (the one i can't bomb anymore :angel: ) to my friends when iam playing in a squad so they can go arround them. 8)

Always willing to help the footsoldier out, because they need to get the flags. :crazy:



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08.09.2006, 11:36

I often act as a lone wolf. But the most fun is being in a squad and help each other out. Being a medic and help the team staying alive has delivered me lots of points, but has been devastating for my fragrate. My only concern is that a good squad comes rare, but once being part of a good squad, I know what makes this game great.:yes:

TEAMS RULE :laugh:
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08.09.2006, 15:03

RE: Your Gameplay style

I like to rush in front commanding a squad, if available, and take as many flags as I can. I love taking flags, specially when I'm in a number disadvantage. When I leave that flag to the next I expect the other maggots to hold them or I get pissy if we lose any. But that's ok because then they become my next goal, to recover those flags back. When we have them all, I love to sit in the most important flag (usually their base, but not necesssary) and kill them as they approach. Defend flag! :angel: :mask:



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08.09.2006, 18:04

i grab either the medic or spec-ops kit and then rush to the front and kill everything thats my enemy. Then depending on who pisses me off the most i usually single them out until the disconnect



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08.09.2006, 19:17

Engineer in APC, tank or musclecar. APC- and tankdrivers love me for that!



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08.09.2006, 20:56

squad coverer and flanker.
i like running around, surprising enemies from behind etc :happy:


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08.09.2006, 21:23

Team worker.:yes:
I usually stick with my squad as a medic healing,reviving and killing everybody.


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08.09.2006, 21:30

RE: Your Gameplay style

Well I'm a lonewolf sniper that flanks enemies, defends flags and protects assests.
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