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02.08.2006, 15:37

Your Gameplay style


Which Gameplay style do you prefer (Infantry)?

It doesn't have anything to do with your class and weapons

just your Gameplay Style

If you have different reacts in different situations , then pick the one you are the most :yes:



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02.08.2006, 15:45

Team worker, either as part of squad, ground pounding.
Or 2 up in a tank/chopper.


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02.08.2006, 15:45

I usually start out as nr.3 (flanking lone wolf), and when someone joins my squad evolve into 6 (team player) :)
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02.08.2006, 15:52

Flanker but in a squad..

when I see my team fighting head on I'll do what I can to get around the enemy and disrupt their lines so my team can push foward.



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02.08.2006, 16:47

I tend to join a squad but head off lone wolf to try cap flags that are relatively clear or defend flags that are being attacked by one or two. And if needed, add an extra gun to a larger attack on a contested flag.



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02.08.2006, 17:44

Rusher...I blow shit up with my AK



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02.08.2006, 20:56

i use teamwork alot but sometimes im a rusher..especially on sharqi..and im also a flanker..so it depends on the day i guess...

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02.08.2006, 21:01


I do always create a squad, but rarely do people join it (even when i've got the gold medal 3 rounds in a row), so im normally a 1 man army.

If im in a slightly... angry mood, I rush in like a man on fire and get to work destroying the enemy teams ground forces (AT FTW!).

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03.08.2006, 19:21

I go to servers that allow base rapage, i wait till my team gets all the bases (im a good luck charm and we usually do) and then i will sit in your base and make all iofmyour team leave!.

Base raping is fun!



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04.08.2006, 10:11

I always join a squad and die.
It seems like I spend my rounds shouting "Medic" instead of actually shooting.
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04.08.2006, 12:26

Going Lone wolf and deals with the situation your Team is

just like this:)

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04.08.2006, 14:58

im a sniper.. so i sneak around and pwn people from the other side of the map.. i put squad cover cause i often help out players who are being mullahed by 3 v 1


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04.08.2006, 21:46

I usually end up flanking as a lone wolf. sometimes it can work wonders for a team that is getting stuck in a bottleneck...

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07.08.2006, 12:43

Rusher(From the front ,Lone wolf) :crazy:
"[marquee]If you mess with the best you die like the rest[/marquee] "

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28.08.2006, 22:14

i try to stick to my squadleader as much as possible, when i play sniper i mostly go lone wolf

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06.09.2006, 01:19

Team worker (sticks to your squad and helps your team out)

i´m pilot 8)

Click > ATC for Battlefield 2 >> Advanced Tactical Center

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06.09.2006, 01:50

RE: Your Gameplay style

Great Players (unless pilots) play in squads, and if they play together often ... then you pretty much own the game ... it takes experience to learn the benefits of it though .... team players OWN lone wolfs ... I mean OWN !!!!



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06.09.2006, 02:30

ya i tend to be rather sneaky, i'm always that one guy who gets in deep behind the lines but doesnt accomplish anything because of no backup

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06.09.2006, 03:02

then u have the worst case scenario where a team that plays together all of the time (for example digitalanarachy server... with players like digitalillusion) boot good teams thats oppose them so that they can sit there and rape players & pad their stats .........they prefer to exploit those that dont understand how to play as a team yet ...... (im sure you newbs have been in similar situations) ... dont ever confuse global points with actual skills in bf2 .... if you want to learn from the better players .. looks at their stats ... if they are well rounded (ground&air special forces/bf2/euro/& fury) and play all of the maps and they have incredible stats ... then they are incredible players .... many of your top players have adapted there game to best suit the score per minute .... but in reality are really not that good at all ...... do dont be intimidated ... make friends join squads and chat with players .. use your tracker to find them again ... with time and experience .... you will find like minded players ...... and start beign in control .... instead of getting shot and on your heals ..... BF2 is a great game ... with even greater potential (but thats a whole nother topic) cause it appears EA could care less ....

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06.09.2006, 03:09

Teamwork..... close air support when available.... otherwise sticking to the squadleader.

ColonelKurtz is not completly correct. Depending on how the teamwork is done pilots can be very usefull. Giving info to the squadleader from what is where and which flag.

Not saying he's wrong at all because there are pilots out there that fly for their own glory. ;)

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