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23.11.2006, 14:59

Should EA Name and Shame Padders/Hackers?


Should EA Name and Shame Padders/Hackers?

I think they should as a deterant . what do you guys think?
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23.11.2006, 15:11

I think so, simply so we can laugh at the people that spend money on a game so they can "apparently" be number 1, only for them to find out that they are just as hollow as they were to begin with, because their acheivements actually mean nothing.

I bet they get cheats/trainers for single player games the same day they buy/acquire them as well.

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23.11.2006, 15:39

Seems like a waste of time and effort... wich they should put towards fixing their game first.

Ok so maybe the one guy you found was very dodgy shows up on the list and you think "hah! i was right", then what...

Its not like they will list IP's, home addresses and a personal photo, it will just be a bunch of nicknames wich no one (or hardly anyone) can do anything with.



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23.11.2006, 15:53

Quiet kickban is the way to go. :whistle:




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23.11.2006, 16:13

My opinion has always been to create a data base where server admins could easily download it and put it on their server.
This would have to be OFFICIAL list and not by some guys from somewhere.

This alone would make the hacks think twice to do what they do.
Risk of being banned from every server would be strong message enough.



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23.11.2006, 17:21

Burn the bastages at the steak! heh Happy thanksgiving All

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23.11.2006, 20:35

No, there are flames enough already.



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23.11.2006, 22:47

hey, they could incorporate a code for every map and server admins could download it. If the cracker* gets in, he will be spotted over his ip or unnormal stats and EA account.

okay, the joke is now this. Every other player on the server gets the notice with a big fat billboard sticked to the left side of their hud, with the name info and if you kill him, get a team score depending on his net crimes.

And the maps should change so that billboards of the damn bastard is popped onto walls of buildings and crates.

But be asured you will hear lots of "got ya now Billy ze kid"
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23.11.2006, 23:55

I like the idea that we should hunt them down in game and gain extra points from them that would teach them. I voted no though because i think people should be able to exploit the game and remain somewhat un-identified. It’s a game people, get over it!
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24.11.2006, 21:02

YES!YES!YES! Let them be ashemed and let them get hate mails!!!:tongue2:
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28.11.2006, 23:49

You can post them up, but you cant really do anything about statpadders/Hackers. Once you put one to shame, two more pop out.

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09.12.2006, 21:41

Ea's fault. Put the dice programmer scallywags in stockades in the public square of Sweden.

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11.12.2006, 23:46

I agree

EA should put a permanent icon, similar to the BF2 veterans wear on BF2142, but this icon should be something embarrasing so everyone that see a player with it basically kick/ban form server, kick from squads or just be a prime target for players. :rofl:

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19.12.2006, 00:29

Don't see the point of naming and shaming, other than putting them on the advert boards in levels, that would be funny. You're never going to meet them in real life. I have always wondered how i would react if i caught a cheater ingame and they happened to be in the same internet cafe as me??? Hammer and fingers come to mind!!! But, as i play at home i think it will have to stay as a sick fantasy.



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19.12.2006, 03:40

i say name the bastards

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26.12.2006, 20:43

any1 who uses hacks & sat pads r SCUM. :ranting:
i say a combination of all the above mentioned would be gr8 step forward for gaming.
name & shame,icon above character,billboard posters(y not,as 2142 r going to be feading us advert shite anyway?),bounty score bonus and the downloadable info for servers so they can decide at thier own discretion.(& the fact i dont mind hack an stat padders,just stick to thier own dam servers!!!)
all these people do is decimate any newcomers enjoyment b4 they have had chance to get to grips with the game,and also the reason i shall probably be changing to HL2 & Quake 4 with thier wealth if cracking mods!!!.
now that dice r in the pockets of EA,it saddens me to say i think the BF franchise is doomed



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26.12.2006, 20:46

I don't think they should, I've spent 5 hours explaining that i was stat padding. what happened is that we had 3 guys throwing nades down corridor 2 and i kept resuuplliing them, and i got acused of stat padding if i did i didn't mean to, i got my points back so i'm happy :P

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31.12.2006, 01:07

RE: Should EA Name and Shame Padders/Hackers?

i think they should i hate hackers



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31.12.2006, 01:34

Lol, good idea, stick names on the news ticker..thing is, at the same time, they may think "Oh my im famous" and carry on doing it, because they enjoy being "well-known"



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02.04.2011, 21:45

They can try but my bet it will be buggy. EA can't do anything right.