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08.02.2007, 01:32

You know i have played every battlefield game right on release day. ('cept 1942, joined that about 2 months late)

for 2142 i was going to focus on my frag rate or K/D.
you know have the best stats i didnt have in BF2.

but that didnt work out. i found myself going for points, hanging on to the silo or flag that last second that gets the capture but ensures my death.

i would rush the hallway or choke point and spray or use explosives, jihad to death, but the team that was hanging out and not moving in, sees this and starts the advance. a worthy death for the win.

so like all the other times, i start with a bad k/d ratio of about 0.34 in 2142.
ouch, yes i know. however, i have reached 1.05 since that first two weeks. it will be 2.0 by release of NS.



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08.02.2007, 01:36

Kill Death Ratio

You guys have it really Good and I mean REALLY GOOD. I have been playing 2142 for about a month ( 31hrs ). My ratio is .25 with 245 kills verses 980 deaths. Can or would anybody give me some tips on how I can improve this sucky preformance ???



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08.02.2007, 01:48

RE: Kill Death Ratio

it is harder for you to start when the majority of the players have several unlocks. so the most basic advice would be join good squads. when you join a server see who is ranking up points and follow them around. dont get so close that yourt humping their leg, but be there for supporting fire, IDing enemys and teamwork actions, heal, repair, resupply.

also let someone else rush in first when you can. back them up. i would also use the titan guns. your in a safe area, you have a powerful gun and if you command, you can place it right where it is most effective.

i would also recommend focusing on one kit at a time until you get silver or gold. knowing your weapon is vital. you have to know how it reacts, the pattern of spray, etc.

i would also recommend using armor, you can still jump out at the last second and fight on. the Pilum is as powerful as any armor. except the walker out in the open. they are unbalanced and too powerful. if you can just stay away from them until your more experienced the better.

look me up on the battlefield. i take noobs under my wing, not chastise them. if your willing to work as a team, you will have much better success.

if your on a team or server that wont work together i would just leave and find some other place to play. I myself get hundreds of servers with a ping less than 100. when playing on a weekend or a friday night, ping is even more critical.

nothing worse than unloading a clip on a guy only to have him jerk forward 100 feet.

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08.02.2007, 02:01

fragrate isnt really very meaningfull. it all depends on your stile. if you are 90% of the time on titan guns it will be very high and if you are more of a ground pounder it will be lower. and in the end it doesnt matter if you die as long as you get the job done or at least assist in it.

my advice is to forget about stats at the the begining and focus more on playing what you enjoy the most. you will get better and your stats will start going up without you even noticing.



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08.02.2007, 02:53

1.90 for main infantry

but for my fav weapon

Voss L-AR: Kills 5186Deaths:759
K: D 6.83

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08.02.2007, 02:54

That is only half true, I am 75% ground pounder and I am now up to 2.73. (About 2.55 in the infantry only department) All you need is sense, and a gun, unlocks help but they wont provide what you cannot. If you're really having trouble, like my bro who doesnt play very much because hes not that great at fps, then I could maybe ask you a few questions on what you do in situations; then I could determine what you could work on.
It does depend on style yes... but everything besides titan guns and commander has risks, thus if you're not not that great with a style (walker pilot, camper, even spawn camper) you still wont get to that +2, but if you're good at it then any style you can do well with will come out +2 (Assault charger, shotgun charger, FAV engineer).
If you're sniper then hang back and pick off some heads,
If you're spec ops go to a choke point and blast through it with you're explosives to let the assaults through,
If you're assault then use you're rockets to punch a hole through and charge in with that AR,
If you're support then look for the giant blob of red dots on the rader and setup a one man wall to stop them,
and if you're engineer just find a vehicle, any one will do, even FAVs can mow down pleanty of guys before you get taken out.

Of course my ratio has gone up about .05 lately because I'm finishing off my engineer badge by hopping in FAVs and using the guns, and by taking the walker for a spin. Btw while I'm mentioning the walker, I can tell you it isnt overpowered, if that were the case then every campgib, tunis, cereb, and FoB game would have a walker in the top three (like the tanks in bf2), and I rarely ever see that the case. In fact I rarely see the walker get more than 5 kills before it dies.
It's hard to use the walker right, only recently I have been able to have good rounds with it after carefully timing the arty strikes in my head, and always having a escape route prepared so I'm not running into the wall trying to escape danger.
I have however, gotten better with it and I can ussually go 30/0 in a campgib game if I'm really carefull (50/0 in a great round), even so though, this isnt a walk in the park, (like the APC nade launcher can be sometimes).

Reflexs and accuracy are mechanical things I cannot help you with, but tactics and above all AWARENESS are what makes higher K/D ratio players that high, you HAVE to know what is going on and where everyone is on the battlefield, so keep your eyes on that radar all the time and make sure there isnt a walker around the next corner.

(EDIT) Horray! Gold engineer badge at last! and an all time high of 2.75 to go along with it. Sadly though, it is time for 25 more hours of recon... my least favored kit and the one I kept for last.
There are no I's in Team, Invincible took them all.

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08.02.2007, 05:36

Atm mine is excactly 1.00. :blush:
In the beginning I always got owned by claymores and titan guns, but now I know how to avoid getting killed by claymores. And if the enemy's titan guns are a problem, I just spawn engineer and take em out till they get sick of constantly repairing. So my k/d ratio is getting better and better.



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08.02.2007, 13:11

Kill Death Ratio

Thanks for the reply.Yes ragemojo tell me how to find you on the battle field. My X-Fire name is hummer50 and I do have a Mic as well.I am around mostly on weekends,Friday nights,Saturday & Sunday afternoons through the evenings.

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08.02.2007, 17:55

tips from me for getting a above 2.00 KD ratio for infantry only: -
- Healing your self when ever you take any damage
- assault with voss on gibralter map works well
- remember to throw those nades into enemys bases
- dont run around corners
- crouch when you are shooting someone (dont ask me why this works but it does!)
- get active camo for recon and play fall of berlin (new fav map for me) and get behind there other team to get all those loverly knife kills!
- claymores on gibralter map

thats basicly how i play and got my KD ratio, but im getting loads of suicides now because im using demo packs on enemy apc's and walkers alot on fall of berlin but it realy helps the team win.

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09.02.2007, 03:37

I always crouch when I shoot someone but I think its a bad idea sometimes. When you're at close range, the crosshair can be quickly moved for a body shot, then adjusted to a headshot, but when you're at point blank then if you crouch, you're moving your head area downward to the hip position of their gun. I think this is the cause for instant death for me sometimes even though I am the first one by far to start shooting, it only happens when I crouch. I think I'm giving them easy headshots... :hehe:
There are no I's in Team, Invincible took them all.

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09.02.2007, 09:41

1.37 ....... i do lot of jihad jeep (plant a whole bunch of rdx on those buggies and drive em up an enemy walker get in seat 3 or jump out and boom) and i also get alot of death from morons that rez me when the place is being showered at by bullets so i die.. rinse and repeat

fragrate dont really matter much for me in this game because all i want are points and try to make sure my team wins heh :D

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10.02.2007, 13:28

Woo just checked my stats and i got: -
Lambert Carbine -
Kills 369 - Deaths 35 - K/D Ratio 10.54 - Accuracy 8.85 %

im so proud! :rolling:

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10.02.2007, 13:32

1,32 or something like that...



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10.02.2007, 14:54

around 3.00. And all i do is ground pound.



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10.02.2007, 17:08

5.21 overall... hardcore ground pounding sniper support is where its at.

edit: before anyone says it, no i do not camp unless im covering a squad taking a flag

USMCclan.net you're full of shit.

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10.02.2007, 20:06

wow have you got proof of this 5.00 KD ratio? maybe post a link to your stats to back it up please.



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10.02.2007, 21:17

woah 65.0 KD ratio for 1 sniper rifle and 70.0 Kd for the other :blink: hax!



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10.02.2007, 22:35


you truely own with the sniper rifle
-maybe because it's approximatly the one weapon you use-
but anyhew

my KD is 2.43
and i am mostly a ground pounder

only when our titan hangs above 2 or more silos, i use the titan guns
(also to protect my titan against flying ships)

thx to Jefster!

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11.02.2007, 01:49

me only 1.4.. but it goes up by at least .1 every 3 hours of play..and kd with the weapons is how many youv killed with it compared to ur DEATHS from it, not how many uve died while holding it..