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19.01.2007, 00:36

What is your K/D Ratio?

Currently my K/D ratio is 2.01, which looks good but i only got it by using the titan guns alot and sniping :D

how about you? ;)

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19.01.2007, 01:25

1.39 but I'm a true and thru ground pounder , hardly any time in tanks , apc , and only 3 hours as commander ,and I 'm a brig G , so I figger that is not bad :tongue2:

but 2.01 is pretty good :yeha:



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19.01.2007, 02:26

Mine's 1.37. When I first started playing I sucked crap, lol... Only got the purple heart once though, cause most of the other rounds ended up being 4 kills and 25 deaths or so. Its recovering now, and I often go 25+ kills with 10 or less deaths, be it in armour or as a ground pounder.

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19.01.2007, 02:29

mines 2. but i gunship alot.

maps like camp gibraltar you can get a decent k/d ratio if you have a decent squad. played a game last night 10-15 a side, and our side had the grand total of 1 medic and in the whole round i got revived once. if we'd had say 3/4 medics the whole teams k/d ratios would have been higher. i would have gone medic but working on my hours for support gold badge, nearly there :D


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19.01.2007, 02:42

1.52 give or take, i am a support(Clark)/assualt(voss), i to am 100% ground pounder....i take a tank/walker if its there, but i dont go looking for them.


"You're making me angry....You won't like me angry" -- Hulk

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19.01.2007, 02:54

1.3 for me. I'm kindof a jack of all trades (master of none I know!). I've recently taken to flying the transport around and letting my buddies waste people on the guns which has added some freshness to the game. I've gotten a lot of command time, but I don't get tons of kills b/c I'm not that good with the guns and I'd rather just command (unlike many a noob commander). 2.0 is really good, I doubt I'll ever get there. However, I have pretty even time on everything except Support!
"Don't try to dazzle me with the facts..." - Sledge Hammer

Andrew Past

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19.01.2007, 03:15

2.24 from almost pure ground pounding. I take a walker, tank, or APC sometimes, but I mostly stick to my boots or a FAV. Most of my kills are from my Baur. Once you learn to control its recoil, it rips through the opposition.

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19.01.2007, 06:05

2.7:1 ish with ~18,900 kills.

Mostly infantry and assault class. Some Walker and Tank thrown in (~2300 and ~1000 of my kills respectivly.) A few titan gun kills while commanding here and there.

The only time I am in armor is in a titan game while waiting on shields to drop, in conquest I almost never use armor/vehicles.

My in-game name is "Medicine". My squad tags are as tags.

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19.01.2007, 06:20


I havent played for about a week (playing black and white 2 instead) though im still doing ok now that ive played again.

Been chasing badges. Currently trying to get my hours up for gold assault before moving on to the next kit.

I got to say, assault is such an easy peasy class.



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19.01.2007, 06:39

Mine is 1.56 I think, though it could be 1.59, but I am unable to check atm.

Why is it what it is? Well, I play random servers everytime I play. Which means I end up on the sucky side about 50/50. Out of those time I end up on the sucky side, maybe 25% of those are base rapes at the uncap. I am hard headed and will always go for the win, reguardless of the current situation.

That and I am made of paper. Once I unloaded into a guy's chest while he ran at me with a knife, the bullets were actually keeping him from getting to me as they were slowing him down. However, he still knifed me. My jaw dropped and I was like "WTF!!!"

You ever had those days where you spawn, hop in a vehicle to get to the front lines, and boom! you die. So you spawn at another base, hop in a tank and drive for 15 seconds and boom! your dead. Then spawn at another flag and take two steps and boom! your dead. And on and on as you get the point. I hate those days.

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19.01.2007, 08:53

if u have a 2.00 or higher just from ground pounding thats realy great



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19.01.2007, 09:17

2.8 From doing everything except flying.

(Lot of commander hours since I want War college ribbon)

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19.01.2007, 09:20

mines 0.78 :( :( :(

because i always get killed by APM's on titans and i never go around with
any one else,

which im now finding out is a BAD thing



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19.01.2007, 10:52

1.12 :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I came I saw I kicked some ass
The pain I cause it makes me laugh :laugh:
'Cause the way I do my thing is strange
I just inject myself into your veins, yeah :yeha:

To resist is to piss in the wind, anyone who does will end up smelling



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19.01.2007, 11:06

3,70 because I´m an evil Titan-Whore!!! :yeha: 8) :w00t: ;)

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19.01.2007, 11:07

1.50+ dont know off the top of my head............. i play every thing but if iam flying ill get like 15+ kill with 1 self caused death/team kill....... if iam ground pounding ill on a good day ill get 25+ kills or on an average day ill get like 13 kills with 3 deaths



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19.01.2007, 11:13

somewhere around 1.56 i think and i am a kind of Rambo guy always going in first and looking for action :laugh: so thats why its not that high. I dont really care to be honoust i just want the action 8)

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19.01.2007, 12:45

1.21 i tend to be the one at the front of the squad with the shotgun for those pests that pop round the corner. I have a somewhat berserker approach to attacking the enemy (charge in blast anything that moves!!)



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19.01.2007, 13:11


strictly groundpounder even when commanding-1.33-only seven titans destroyed in 200hrs-and only coz only place to spawn

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19.01.2007, 13:36


Originally posted by Braveheart
1.21 i tend to be the one at the front of the squad with the shotgun for those pests that pop round the corner. I have a somewhat berserker approach to attacking the enemy (charge in blast anything that moves!!)

Sounds like me I have trouble staying alive, often get the most deaths and kills in a round, i've finshed 50+ kills to 40+ deaths before.

KDR 1.33 at the moment and slowly rising as I try different kits (assualt at the moment) so I can get all four expert combat and the gold 'service' badges.