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24.04.2007, 13:15

Depends on the map... i love conquest assault lines, best addition to the game since BattleField was born.. uncaps suck!

Conquest itself is is my fav, but thats only on city maps...

Larger maps not so much, it takes to long to get anywhere, and if your like me and hop into a vehicle and get to where ever you are going a mine gets you or something retarded and you have to start all over again. Thus on larger maps titian mode is preferred, more methods of transportation.


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24.04.2007, 20:12

i could only play conquest till new patch sorted me lag issues dont care really like both

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26.04.2007, 09:14

I really don't understand how Titan got the men's hearts... CQB kicks ass - and NO, the titan assault isn't consider a good CQB imo, cause you have an objective in a close area to guard, which means the team will camp and spam on the corridor. I KNOW it IS close quarter battle, but it's just not my type of game.
In my opinion conquest is the best, cause flags are harder to take, and in the good conq maps (Giblartar, Cerbere, Berlin) the real fights belongs to the infantry, not to the armed/airborne forces. Infantry kicks ass.
Titan is more like a cat/mouse chase, you take a silo, move to the other and take it, then your old silo is lost, etc etc etc. No real fury battle!

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