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03.01.2007, 01:43

RE: What tank you prefere

I like the PAC Hover Tank because I can menover it very good, and it is harder for the enemy Tank to shoot you on the side. if you are are going in circles around the other tank.

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12.01.2007, 08:45

The hover tank is such a treaded tank killer. Its funny to see the other drivers just turn their turret as I inch closer and closer to their ever so weak vents, only to kill them in one shot when they have taken at least 3 at me.
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15.01.2007, 14:01

I like them both, have an easier time squashing people with the EU tank, but its so funny with the hover tank, some engi putting motion mines so he thinks you can't move, but i can turn hahahaha (spin the hover tank).

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15.01.2007, 14:26

I chose EU coz if u come up behind one of the PAC tank in the EU tank u can at least get to shots on it before it can turn around in time,
but in the same situation, swap the tanks around,
you can swivel the turret round at lot quicker and that way have at least a fighting chance.

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19.01.2007, 15:31

hover all the way, by strafing around the enemy tank ur not giving the enemy a large area to aim at, he can only hit the front of ur tank instead of the side, and the hover tank is pretty thin.

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19.01.2007, 16:00


Originally posted by wacomkiller
I chose EU coz if u come up behind one of the PAC tank in the EU tank u can at least get to shots on it before it can turn around in time,

I don't agree with that... It depend solely on the driver of the hover tank... Whether they can move their mouse fast enough, or how high their sensitivity is set for in vehicles.

Personally, you'd get one shot on me before I was behind you and one shotting your vents. My sensitivity is set at 9 for vehicles (6.3 for soldier), and I can turn it a lot faster that most people.

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19.01.2007, 16:50

ah right good idea, thats why it takes me years to turn

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27.01.2007, 01:08

Hover tank all the way!! At first, i kinda hate over tank...but after much practice, i can maneuver the tank quite good.

I once tried blowing up a tank and a battlelwalker...Hover Tank vs Battlewalker + EU Tank... :shock: Haha...i still remember that moment...

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14.02.2007, 19:42

EU tank because I'm used to using those type from BF2 and the name. Come on, who doesn't want to drive a Tiger tank?

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14.02.2007, 19:52

hover tank...... with mouse sensitivity all the way to the max you can maneuver it like mad..... and i was used to the magrider in planetside when i played it years ago

i was able to tackle 2 EU tanks until a walker came in and finished me

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15.02.2007, 21:15

yip, gotta go with the hover tank.

If you drive it at an angle while going straight it hauls butt. It'll even climb and descend faster when its pitched at an angle. Takes some getting used to though.

And the fact that you'll always have the strongest part of your armour facing your opponint outways its vulnerability.

oh yeah and being to adjust your mouse on the fly is critical.
you must be fast cause I was haulin a$$ when I passed you!

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15.02.2007, 21:42

it's too bad it doesnt hover over water.... i thought it did first time i got int he driver seat ..... went into the water and ploop ploop

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19.02.2007, 20:41

Up close the hover has it, but but from a distance (I mean where you have to zoom to even SEE the target) the Tiger is far more settled, whereas the hover bugger moves all over the place when it fires or turns, costing you valuable settling time (during which the jihad jeep or pilum man has no doubt been dispatched to have a pop at you).

Plus, the Tiger looks stronger. Don't know if it is though.

[Edit: Just thought how "pilum man" sounds like one of man's early evolutionary stages of development, you know like one day you're going to see on the news that he's been discovered in some pete bog or something :P]
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27.02.2007, 18:26

Weird... you read the comments here and it is something like 90% in favor of the PAC... yet the poll shows the EU tank as the runaway winner...

For me, Hover. No contest.

Tiger is too slow to turn and head up a hilll... that damn cannon blocks everything to the right side of the screen... and you can get into more places with the PAC tank... oh yeah, and backing over RDX planters is great fun.

OTOH, does it seem to anyone else that the machine gunner position is stronger in the Tiger tank? Maybe it's a better 2 man tank than the PAC, I don't know. It just seems that I can take down copters faster in the TIGER's gunner position.


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24.04.2007, 20:13

cannot do them hovering 1s