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24.02.2007, 15:52

Do u like "FF OFF" servers??


Do u like "FF OFF" servers?

i do like them, i like to jump with C4 to roofs, but u can die very fast, without medics or supports friend on the same roof! so i need to be squad leader! :w00t:



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24.02.2007, 20:05

Thats just BF2s improv for the grappling hook in SF :yes:



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24.02.2007, 20:25

RE: Do u like "FF OFF" servers??

Yes I do.

My own bf2 server runs without ff.
So you cant kill your team-mates.

Its fun, but we kick people that get on roofs were you are not able to get on without c4.
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24.02.2007, 20:41

No. Too much clay spamming for my liking.

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25.02.2007, 17:09

Yes and no, yes so if you play sniper with all of your team mates you can spam claymores all around a flag and not see your team mates get blown up and punish you for it... No beacause, out of were ive been playing, if its on you have like 1 medic and no support
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26.02.2007, 10:27

people nade like hell on those servers. don't like it.



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26.02.2007, 10:32

I like them most of the time.
The spamming doesn't bother me too much as I seem to always avoid clays somehow. And it means I can use mines without fear of morons driving over them and punishing.



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01.03.2007, 13:40

I hate servers that kick players who use C4 to jump to roof. belive me, its easy way to die, so let them do that!

to be in roof its not so fun, snipers can easly kill u, and u have only Scar-L... it isnt so usefull. but i still like to jump to ther :P :laugh: