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16.11.2017, 11:24

I think we may have played on this together back then.
I was Doctor-Doom, lol...
but I haven't logged on for years and years. I was just thinking about this game and saw your post, then I was able to log into my old AAO name.
Can we get our old AA account back? is the game any good. I've been playing the dumb WOT tank game, and I'm tired of it.
In order to play AA2, all you need to do is download 25Assist from aao25.com and log in with your BattleTracker account (i.e the same information you used to log in to here). You'll have all the stats that your account has now.

There's not too many players on at all times, but I'm sure you'll see someone online and be able to play :)

Need help with AA 2.5 and/or 25Assist? Your best bet is to visit aao25.com!


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21.11.2017, 23:57

I'm still alive and from that time period lol. I was an Insurgent Camp whore especially with the 203. Man those were fun days.
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08.12.2017, 18:30

Hi Guys!!

[SAAC] (SwedishAmericasArmyClan) is alive and kicking, now days we playing AAPG and have server up and running.



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12.12.2017, 01:53

I used to play in 2003 and 2004 and just now signed up again