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14.01.2015, 11:29

I cant' play on multiplay server with Win7 pro

Hello guys! I have trouble something...

Windows:Win7 Professional 64ビット
OS:Google Chrome 39.0.2171.95 m

I played BF2&Special Forces for a long time,
I couldn't play on multiplay.
I forgot to find my id on prefix and
I looked multi server but there were no server at all in server list.
I tried to go to internet subscribe or log in, there were error message as follows.
the server has refused the connection.

I installed as follows.
BF2&Special Forces install→1.41patch1.5patch→PunkBuster install→add BF2 by ADD Game

What should I do? Give me advice please. :cry:



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25.01.2015, 23:06

Hello there!

The reason you can't play online is because Gamespy shut down, and EA didn't bother to fix it with new servers.

To play bf2 again, all you need to do is sign up on this site: http://battlelog.co/

Simply create an account with your ingame name, download the client, set up the launcher to use your bf2 account, and you're good to go!

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03.11.2017, 19:28

Hello all,
I have the empty server list in multiplayer mode, this started Nov2nd. I have downloaded and installed the gametracker client and I get the same empty server list there as well. I have done a complete diagnostics on my hardware, looked thru my security configuration and network setting and find no anomalies. Furthermore, no other EA or Steam games are affected and I can see all the BF2 servers I play on in battlelog are up and have player. I'm at a complete loss and could use some direction. Thank you in advance.