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10.12.2016, 05:36

Help plz .bmp

this will take some1 5 minutes if they could help plz been trying to get a transparent background on a 24 bitmap

Change Text Color to Brown/Gold
And make background Transparent

size has to be 16x16 and saved in 24bit bitmap

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10.12.2016, 08:14

What you've uploaded is a .jpg image and that format will never support transparency as far as I'm aware.

I created .png and a .bmp with most of the white made transparent.
However, since I don't have any real editing software (and I'm too lazy to download Gimp or something), It will look quite awful on a dark background (might be OK on a light background).
I'm not sure about the .bmp transparency to be fair.

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  • 2rnbfyr.bmp

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