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14.06.2014, 02:16

Battlefield 2 LAN play doubt !!!

I am having trouble with my BF2 LAN play. Here is what I did:
I installed a copy of BF2 in 2 PCs. Both are having same CD key.
Both PCs are not connected to internet so we never created an online account for BF2.
In both pc single player is working perfectly using the "default player name" offline account.
Now when I tried to play LAN I started facing problems
I created LAN game in one of these PCs and then tried to get the server listed in the other and its not showing up
Both PCs are having W7.
Tried "allow program" in firewall for both "Home" and "Public".
Turned off both PC's firewall.
No anti virus or secondary firewall in both PC.
What am I missing here?
1.Should I create online account for LAN play too?
2.Should I keep connected to internet when playing LAN too?
3.Is the same CD key causing this problem?
4.Is the same "default player name" in both PC causing this problem?
please help guys

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13.10.2014, 01:24

Post this question at Battlelog.co for info and support. As far as I know all accounts handle all play. I play on or offline with one log in. You must stay online duh to play online. Don't forget to install Revive Project Phoenix and updates then load the game from their desktop logo.