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03.01.2013, 02:14

Xtreme Industries Gaming Community

Hello, Xtreme Industries is a brand new clan, so far with two members who are very dedicated. We are brand new having been born yesterday. We do have a Teamspeak 3 server and were working on a 16-slot Squad Deathmatch server. We are looking for 4 members before I do that. Our tags are [XI] but we highly suggest you create a new account on BC2 and put -XI at the end of your username. For example im [XI] Saiyan-XI its pretty cool and helps us identify eachother. Visit us @ http://www.xtremeindustries.enjin.com/ or at our gametracker page, http://www.gametracker.com/clan/xtremeindustries/
Requirements to join Xtreme Industries

  • You speak, write, and understand English
  • Have Teamspeak 3 in order to communicate with us [if not download it]
  • Stay active [if inactive you will be kicked]
  • There is no age limit, just be mature enough not to act dumb
  • Accept our very few rules

To join Xtreme Industries, create a new thread and copy+paste the following questions from below and answer each of them. After that is completed all you have to do is sit back and relax until a moderator or high ranking official of Xtreme Industries reviews your application and accepts/denies it. Further instructions will be in the acceptance post.

1.) What game(s) are you interested in applying for?

2.) What is your in-game name?

3.) What is your age and gender?

4.) What is your K/D ratio and rank? Tell us a bit about your game-play style?

5.) Do you have a microphone? Will you use it?

6.) How well do you speak and write English? Do you understand it?

7.) What country are you from? What is your timezone?

8.) Will you donate each month? Or once in a while?

9.) How did you find us? Who or what persuaded you to join us?

10.) Do you understand the following rules?

If you have any question please PM me or a high ranking official.

Good Luck!



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26.02.2013, 06:24

Is joining free or there is paid membership?