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02.04.2012, 04:14

Tourneys by =DDC=

Welcome to Tourneys by =DDC=

We are proud to announce our first tourney for America's Army 3.

To Register for our tourney please do the following.

1: have 1 member of your clan register a team for your clan.
2: now that member can add the members of his/her clan to the team. (each clan member must be registered on this website to be in a team)

that's it. it is that easy.

Clan members register on our site clubdeath.com

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03.04.2012, 02:03

Wen are you planning on this tourney taking place?



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03.04.2012, 06:55

They will be running every week. we now have 3 honor servers for the tourneys so yours and other clans will still stack up on honor each and every match. We still need a lot more clans to come so im not sure when the first tourney will start. the faster we get a min of 4 clans listed the faster the tourneys will start.