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24.07.2008, 11:34

Question about awrds/medals etc

Sorry I post this question by BFF2 in support forum. Then I read this tread, and post it here again.

Until 13 juli 2008 I could see that my awards are visible on my stats {www.bf2tracker.com} ore in my BFHQ !!!

Since than I can't see my new awards on my stats any longer. At least 5 times a purple heart {yesterday 2 times}, and a bronze star {two weeks a go}.
My rank and global store are correct, so that works fine. {Since yesterday my rank {staf-sergeant}changed correct !!!!

I hope someone can help me??? :ranting:
Because I earn those awards, and I like itt, to see them back in my stats. .

I see there are more questions about this issue, but what's the answer for this!!

Thanks...............Bey Zsara

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25.08.2008, 18:37

Missing all my stats when I log in

Normally I assume that I messed up somehow. Missing this or not updating that. This morning I moved from a "Raggity Quazy Soso 2nd LT" to a buck private still waiting for my brush cut. All my stats when I log in are gone, (kits, time, maps, forces everything.) One clue that kept me from running in circles until hyperventalization settled in was my Ranking Stats still seemed to be there.

When I went on line in SF I was a 2ndLT, when I went to regular BF2, everything gone....basic pee shooters to assist enemy stats.

I decide you all are the experts....( good work BF2tracker or Battlefield Tracker ).... yup my stats seem to still exist at least here. I'll try the relogging thing you suggest.

As bad as it appears and I'm sorry to see so many others having problems but it gives me hope that others are working on these problems.

Secondary problem.... I have PKbuster patch updated to newest but for the last 6 weeks I've have a lot of problems with handshake after I'm actually in the game...

For all those BF2 friends and temporary enemies on-line,
thanks for all the hours, the fun and the occasional perfect headshot
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its already to late.... :whistle:


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06.11.2008, 18:34

Nice idea about Stats, but still only "A Diamond In The Rough"

I've given up on Stats long ago! Nice Idea, but They don't work, and never have! Maybe a simulated illusion of your standing, but not the true facts. As discussed too many times, This problem is due to, Too many people stat padding (on padding servers) and the never ending stat hacking.

Another major drawback is, if you play 4 - 5 (or more) hours a day compared to the guy who plays about a half hour a day (avg), the guy who plays the longest time wise on average, gets more kill points but also killed more often, yet strangely ends up higher on the top most players list over the guy who plays the least. Sure! The guy who plays best still get's better stats on his D/K ratio, but that's it.

As with Wilbur and Orville Wright, The first plane wasn't very pretty, and didn't work all that well, but it did fly!.....Give it time, and Maybe one day we'll see a "REAL" stat sheet that actually works.
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25.08.2009, 10:09

I've got that problem

I'm playing the game, I'm doing it almost daily to make sure

apart from not updating, I'm re-earning ALL my achievements and ignoring any new awards

I thought the problem might of been the installation after having so many problems with it

If it's the servers fault, then why doesn't EA have a back-up system to cover this?

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27.08.2010, 22:01

What the fail with stats? :(

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27.08.2010, 22:42

Played three games yesterday and at the end of each game got the error message that there was a problem reading from the server and I get kicked back to desktop. Now it shows I am a private with no points logging into BF2 game. I was a Lt. Colonel with around 138k of points. WTF????

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28.08.2010, 00:28

Stats not visible and report message

I've got the same problems.

Suddenly after a game I get the message that there is a server error, and for the game I only had the standard weapons.

I reinstalled, I get the same error message and all my points etc are gone



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31.08.2010, 13:46

To the last few posters :-

BF2 Account server FUBAR <<< clicky



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18.03.2011, 08:35

hehe skanky pants :P :doh:

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16.06.2011, 08:50


hi... im very new to all of this as a matter of fackt this is my first online game ever haha.

my stats do not want to update i get some kills but when i go to my bfhq there is nothing.

i read about the problems but thats like in 2005,2007.

can any one please help me.

e-mail me at kriis.tr@gmail.com.

please.. :(

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26.03.2012, 14:50


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