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24.06.2010, 00:12

I have a problem with patch 1.6

i uninstoled the game and now i want to put patches BUT it says i have a patch on all redy and i get in game and it is not patched

it says:
setup has detected that you already have call of duty(R) 4 - modern warfare(TM) 1.6 patch installed
it is recommended that you uninstall call of duty(R) 4 - modern warfare(TM) 1.6 patch before re-instolling the latest patch.
would you like to uninstall call of duty(R) 4 - modern warfare(TM) 1.6 patch ?

i press yes, and then:

setup could not find a file on the specified path or disk.

please check that the proper disk is inserted or specify a new path.
unble to locate file:
*file name here long*

please help me

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08.03.2012, 12:00

Uninstall the game.Then do this:


Back up your profile data if you have not already done so.

By default, the save game data is located in c:/program files/Activision/Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare/players/profiles/

Make a copy of the profiles folder and save it to a different, easy to find location.


Delete the entire "Call of Duty 4" game directory after making your profile backup.


In Windows XP: Click on "Start" and then open the "Run" box.

In Windows Vista or 7: Click on "Start" and click in the "Search" box above the start button.


Type "Regedit" without the quotes and press "Enter" on your keyboard.


Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Activision\Call of Duty 4 in the registry.


Delete the entire Call of Duty 4 entry by right-clicking on "Call of Duty 4" and selecting "Delete" from the right-click menu.


Reboot and attempt to reinstall COD4. If the installer still fails, try the next steps.


Search the registry for remaining Call of Duty 4 entries by pressing "Ctrl + F" on your keyboard and typing "Call of Duty 4" in the registry search box.


Delete any item called "Call of Duty 4" from your registry. Once you have deleted one, press "F3" on your keyboard and it will search for the next one. Continue doing this until the registry search says it has found no more entries that match that name.


Reboot your computer and then reinstall Call of Duty 4. After the game has reinstalled, move your profile backup into the game folder.