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20.05.2006, 05:27

would you play...


realistic or not

I said no

Things that would happen-

No-Things stay exactly the same, nothing changes except for people whining about the game and stuff like that

Yes-AT mines tk
Claymores tk
Bunnyhopping wouldnt exist
1 death per round
Weapons kill faster
Jerk around when shot
No reviving
Just healing to a certain point, like covering wound
Guns are harder to use
Support and Sniper would take time to set up

There are many more but i dont feel like naming them and I just realized a lot of these are true in Americas Army :dry:

I did search and found nothing so I am posting this I guess

Oh well

[think][shield]Thoughts or Comments?[/shield] [/think]


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20.05.2006, 05:31

This is a game and a game is made to have fun, if you wanna "play" realistic then join the army.
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20.05.2006, 05:32

It's a game, it's not meant to be as true to real life as possible. The realism is the proportion of certain things like people, weapons and objects, plus some textures and even effects like gravity and velocity, the game aspect is things like respawning, reviving people who have had a clip of bullets pumped into them so they can instantaneously spring up and run off to 'kill' more soldiers.

BTW people who say "well it's like this in real life so it should be in the game" are just whingers :yes: :tongue2:


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20.05.2006, 06:48

Yeah, bring on the hypocrisy!!

I dont see you guys playing UT2004, Quake, or Barnys Wonderful Dinosaur Land.

BF2 is a balance of arcade and sim that is a little too much on the arcade side. As it stands, its pretty funny to hear people say they dont want a realistic game and then play a game that everything but the physics is based on reality.

There are quite a few changes that could be made to make the game more realistic and still plenty fun. Reality puts balance back in player skill levels. You dont have to learn all of these unusual tactics people come up with, being limited to a simple set of physics rules. As in Americas Army, death is what it should be, a penalty and a hard lesson learned. For teamwork, every action either gives your team an advantage or disavantage, and there are fewer lone wolves.

While AA is a little on the strict side, and Operation Flashpoint is even more so, they are games that put the game more in your hands as there is less chance, and less things that happen that couldnt possibly happen based in the real world.

Any time you have a realistic game, it makes you feel as if you were there. More immersion equals more depth, and for some, more entertainment.

Yes, Id like to see BF2 more realistic. Im sure most people would. The weapon balance would be gone and the weapons, all of them, would perform like their real life counter parts. That alone would make me jump for joy. Aircraft that perform as they do in real life? Yummy!

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20.05.2006, 06:56

This topic is so stupid you can not have a realistic game. Like WM SeskKiller said its only for fun. If you want to play realistic join the army. :rolling:

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20.05.2006, 07:04

you want a realistic game, go play americas army , but quit bitching about bf2 , OK



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20.05.2006, 08:59

If I wanted to play a game like that I would play Americas Army

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20.05.2006, 09:28

Ya Americas Army is like the most realistic game out to my knowage.

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20.05.2006, 09:34

Too realistic will make the game choppy.

One pistol bullet will ouched you for medic.



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20.05.2006, 09:38


Originally posted by DX-THeGAME
Aircraft that perform as they do in real life? Yummy!

But then how big would the maps have to be then? A hell of a lot larger than they are now, and with the way computers are at the moment most people won't wait for half an hour to load one map.

And on the tactics side of it you mentioned, that's one of the reasons I like playing the game, because it makes you think.

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20.05.2006, 10:54

How can you all say American Army is realistic game out there. Come on guys there is no game out there that is realistic. Its just a game and i think you have been watching too many war films. 8o

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20.05.2006, 11:19

Iroko was asking for your opinions about whether you'd play if bf2 was more realistic. Look at several flaming responses...

Iroko said he wouldn't play bf2 if it were more realistic. Response by thread respondees: "go play americas army/ join the literal army" if you want realism.

So where di Iroko say he wanted realism? Honest mistake perhaps, but if you plan to flame re-read for accuracy beforehand. Otherwise you'll have to do a :doh: to regain that respect.

But yeah, I'd play it. That way I could do work between rounds. :-)

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20.05.2006, 11:23

lol, retards will be retards, anyway i think battlefield has that level of realism compared to other games but is in no way realistic, as said its not striving for realism, its going for fun and enjoyment. i think it would detract from this if it all of a sudden went super realistic.


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20.05.2006, 11:53


Originally posted by *WM* SeskKiller
This is a game and a game is made to have fun

100% agreed.
This is a game made for fun and enjoyment.
It can't be more realistic.


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20.05.2006, 12:03

RE: would you play...


Originally posted by iroko
1 death per round

yeah it would be cool to play a more "real" game

except for the above if i want that ill play CS or another game


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20.05.2006, 12:23


Originally posted by *WM* SeskKiller
This is a game and a game is made to have fun, if you wanna "play" realistic then join the army.

I totally agree.

Why (at the time of posting) have nearly 50% said yes??



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20.05.2006, 12:24

i like games, and i like them to stay like a game, but it would be cool to see something that is very realistic..



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20.05.2006, 12:33

I don't think we need to much realism in a game and those of us who've been in the armed forces don't want to be reminded of how god awful combat can be.......
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20.05.2006, 12:36

Processors are full of smoke,when the smoke comes out the processor stops working :doh:


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20.05.2006, 13:03

PRMM is good, but its not as "fun" as BF2 is (used to be).

No death messages, no stamina, no jumping. Weapons are nice though, and the game play modes rock.

IRL, its a lot easier to tell if you actually killed someone. In PRMM you have to press TAB to see if you got another kill or not.