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02.05.2008, 14:07

Author: Brutal^.Ch3ddar

Learning quickly, need a clan to join

www.brutalwarfare.trap17.com The website and forum seem to be down atm, but feel free to message me if you have any questions

21.04.2008, 09:19

Author: Brutal^.Ch3ddar

Looking for a clan that play camp gibraltar

www.brutalwarfare.trap17.com just click on forums and check us out, we play Camp Gib all the time, it's our main map, we are all from around europe, so were on at around the same time. Hope to see you soon

10.04.2008, 00:28

Author: Brutal^.Ch3ddar

looking for a active clan

Cheers remember check us out, forums running now, but with some rubbish scheme as admin had to re-do everything.....

07.04.2008, 17:44

Author: Brutal^.Ch3ddar

looking for a active clan

www.brutalwarfare.trap17.com/forum come check us out (the board is inactive atm, coz stupid admin deleted some stuff and is sorting it out, back up soon though)

29.01.2008, 14:05

Author: Brutal^.Ch3ddar

Hello everyone

Welcome Man! hope you have fun...

28.01.2008, 22:43

Author: Brutal^.Ch3ddar

Brutal Warfare

Brutal Warfare is looking for some new members! What we look for in you: - We would prefer for members to be experienced at playing 2142, but less experienced players my join and attended training sessions and gain experience from the older members of the clan - Have Xfire, Teamspeak,Clanmod and ATC if not, download! (links on our website) - Check forums now then, and try to be active on them. - Must be active at least on the weekends to do weekend training, and for matchs. - To be repectful to ...

28.01.2008, 09:48

Author: Brutal^.Ch3ddar

Medic Excellence Badge

What... it's easier on a 64 Man Gib, coz people frag like stupid, so go one of those and just in an area with loads of people, sit just behind them, and throw a medi pack into the middle of them, and wait, and yeah chase people with low health with your spare one, to get the points quicker, just wait till you have to get gold, that 15, even harder, coz you get to the end of the round with 14, and start kicking yourself

08.01.2008, 13:57

Author: Brutal^.Ch3ddar

bf2142 and 64-bit Windows Vista

I've heard that 16-bit apps will not work on it though, so 16-bit installers wont be able to install 32 - apps, as some apps use a 16-bit installer

07.01.2008, 20:31

Author: Brutal^.Ch3ddar

bf2142 and 64-bit Windows Vista

Doesn't 64-bit have a backdoor capability which means it can run some 32-bit apps

02.01.2008, 18:13

Author: Ch3ddar

bf2142 and 64-bit Windows Vista

I am thinking of getting windows Vista 64-bit edition, and upgrading my RAM to 4GB, and i have check that my processor is compatible with 64-bit, but i was just wonder does 2142 actually work on the 64-bit edtion, because i know about how some programes are coded to work on 32-bit edition. Otherwise i might not do it... Any help would be great thanks.

01.04.2007, 15:06

Author: Ch3ddar

BF2142 in numbers.

wow thats a lot of points!

31.03.2007, 20:43

Author: Ch3ddar

incident from school

wow u like Chuck Norris dont you

31.03.2007, 20:38

Author: Ch3ddar


lol, i don't think it's that bad bunny hopping if you in real danger

31.03.2007, 11:18

Author: Ch3ddar

Hello again all

speaking of which i haven't been on for a while, mabe coz i've been touring holland with my school's Hockey club, but i'm back but welcome back to you aswell

24.03.2007, 23:07

Author: Ch3ddar

Finally made it

Well done mate, i hoping this day will come to, but thats a long way off

24.03.2007, 10:19

Author: Ch3ddar

A Gamer Must Have !!!

i really don't see the point of this programme, i downloaded it and my virus checker just went crazy along with my spyware checker so i had to delete it coz i got loads of pop-up in game saying "virus found on this programme" and "this programme has been detected as spyware" so yeah i don't think it's a very good programme

22.03.2007, 19:06

Author: Ch3ddar

hello tracker

Hey mate welcome to the forums

22.03.2007, 18:57

Author: Ch3ddar

Least favourite kit

assault as i hate having to heal people, except the only advantage is that you can heal yourself

22.03.2007, 18:56

Author: Ch3ddar

Combat efficiency pin poll #2

lol if you read your sig it says 530

18.03.2007, 14:24

Author: Ch3ddar

Why do you play BF?

I just do it for fun

18.03.2007, 11:23

Author: Ch3ddar

Northern Strike Favourite Map

Bridge at Remegan conquest, coz i hate titan and the other 2 are too compact Edit: sorry took me 2 goes to spell Remegan right