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27.07.2007, 18:04

Author: =S=Punisher

A shepherd, tending to his flock.

Shuri your exactly right on all aspects I do the same thing some times and well the others I'm usually in a good squad

17.07.2007, 20:10

Author: =S=Punisher

Knifing failing...

If they are laying down ,I just aim for the thickest part ...prolly the rump :rofl:

05.07.2007, 05:57

Author: =S=Punisher

a moral dilemma

In that instance I prolly would of stood close by and when he got shot I would of revived him , but if that happened to me , depends on weither you said sorry or not. Usually I don't punish at all ,but if it is a blatant tk with no sorry I will punish most times , but if the guy revived me then I wouldn't punish either

04.06.2007, 19:16

Author: =S=Punisher

Stats won't update

mine seem to be working fine and have for months now , seems ok to me ,but I did notice it hasn't updated some of my clan mates

11.03.2007, 01:09

Author: =S=Punisher

Red pad lock on PAC home flag...

You have to capture all the control points to be able to attack the main

09.03.2007, 17:58

Author: =S=Punisher

Bored of the game...

Yea I hit brig general too ,and then i also got bored of it.....took about a month and a half off ....went to the bars ...whored around and since 2-3 weeks ago started playing again , and it's like I'm rejuvinated and now with NS out I'm good to go for a while again ......quite like the new booster

02.03.2007, 20:51

Author: =S=Punisher

Radio Messages

Quoted Originally posted by ShadowMerk Quoted Originally posted by jerico79 All the sounds in the game are stored in a zip file called the client.zip and if you go into it and replace the sounds for the messages you don't want to hear, with blank sounds or something else, that may work, but I would recommend backing up your original client.zip in case PB finds a problem with it. I wonder if you could copy and replace the PAC sound clips with the EU sound clips (renamed as PAC, of course). That ...

25.02.2007, 00:58

Author: =S=Punisher

If you join a VoIP squad, HAVE A GOD DAMN MIC.

I hear ya shurikane ......hence the plus 10 I gave ya... little bit off topic ....one of my clan requirements on the recruitment app is do you use voip?......if they answer no .....they are denied .....voip is a must . My whole clan uses voip oh ya another thing is when commanders don't have a mic,....kinda annoying as well

23.02.2007, 18:03

Author: =S=Punisher

negative kills ???

Hey guys , last night I played for a few hours and this morning I checked my stats from the night before and I get this ..... 22.02.2007/ 382 /262 /173 /-1,710 /109 /9 /5 /4 /29 /41 /8 /1 03:01:40 so my question is how did I end up with a negative 1,710 for kills......it has me stumped ????

12.02.2007, 23:04

Author: =S=Punisher

A motion to server admins: extend pause between games.

My clans server is set to 45 seconds , that way people with slower computers can also get set up and everyone starts at the same time

11.02.2007, 09:09

Author: =S=Punisher

A message to second-seat soldiers in vehicles:

Quoted Originally posted by ChocolateHero Quoted Originally posted by AussieBilly I couldn't agree more. The only thing I'd add is that when I park to repair my tank it's not a sign for the gunner to switch seats and drive off without me. Makes me want to waste a pilum round. this happens to me alot but i do waste my pilum round been there done that ......personally the dumb a$$ deserves to die, I'll take the punish

09.02.2007, 17:50

Author: =S=Punisher

Is this fair play or blatent stat padding ????????????????

This has been going on since bf2, sometimes it happens so fast there is nothing you can do short of leaving the game , or wait for a squad mate to come rescue you or an observant team mate.......done this to a clan mate while he was on my team and also before a round has started ..... knife button is mapped to my mouse , so knife the guy revive him switch ..knife again , happens so fast they don't have a chance....but I have also had this ahppen to me from a clan mate as well , so once your in t...

09.02.2007, 17:24

Author: =S=Punisher

Golden Squad Leader Badge

squad leader gold ..got mine on titan , my squad just kept spawning over and over on my beacon had it in no time, just tell your squad you are going for your badge and hopefully they will help you out . As for the defense and attack gold ...you don't need to be in a clan to get these... attack , stay on the upper vents and rain rockets down into the corridors and reactor room works good , gold in no time . As for defense go recon and guard the vents , drop apm's and rdx and defend if your shield...

03.02.2007, 20:05

Author: =S=Punisher

Norther Strike noob Question

I read something somewhere from an EA guy that the booster pack will be able to play with the regular maps.. guess we'll just have to wait and see

29.01.2007, 18:46

Author: =S=Punisher

Convert from Voss to baur

I unlocked the voss first and thought it was awesome played many hours with it , have a good k/d with it ...reason being I woud try the baur (pick up a kit from someone) and I sucked with it terrible k/d with it. the baur was my second last unlock and as of the last month I have been using it turned my k/d right around with it 11% increase in accuracy with it as well, you just have to figure out the recoil is all. Then the other day I tried the voss again and it still rocked , so I dunno , but I...

29.01.2007, 18:02

Author: =S=Punisher

Best mouse?

Iv'e got the logitech mx 1000 find it suits all my needs , 20 x better than an optical

29.01.2007, 06:05

Author: =S=Punisher

looking to make some new buddies!

you can add me as well man , you too munki I'm also on the west coast ....Punisherr is my in game name

26.01.2007, 19:44

Author: =S=Punisher

The bf2142 keyboard

me too man , sausage fingers lol, I find the z board has bigger buttons there fore not double clicking buttons ....

25.01.2007, 23:38

Author: =S=Punisher

3 word story game

out at the ............

24.01.2007, 20:24

Author: =S=Punisher

No Shake on the Sniper Rifle?

Quoted Originally posted by Knurlhiem Quoted Originally posted by munki_unkel Quoted Originally posted by Knurlhiem Quoted Originally posted by munki_unkel Thanks guys. I'll give it another try tonight though I thought I've already tried that. I'll look for the bar in the sight to move. mUnKi You actually have to have it equipped though Munki... Like you'd equip demopaks or apm's... It isn't a passive unlock like the super zoom scope... Yeah, I was aware of that Knurlhiem but thanks for the inf...

20.01.2007, 19:49

Author: =S=Punisher

Signature help

go to the place that is on my sig , was really easy to set up

20.01.2007, 11:38

Author: =S=Punisher

Northern Strike Beta

yea I would do it too, be able to get a jump start on the maps and vehicles and stuff , would be cool

19.01.2007, 01:35

Author: =S=Punisher

What is a Targeting Assist?

I have seen this also although only twice , thought to myself the samething as you guys . but now that we know what sets it off we can do this plus let a sqaud member kill the guy then a squad member assist bonus as well plus if you shoot him a few times maybe a kill damage assit as well plus in a defence or attack zone another point ...lol and so on , but what I'm getting at is that one kill could potentially get you 4 points plus maybe a heal for your squad member in the attack or defenec zone...

19.01.2007, 01:25

Author: =S=Punisher

What is your K/D Ratio?

1.39 but I'm a true and thru ground pounder , hardly any time in tanks , apc , and only 3 hours as commander ,and I 'm a brig G , so I figger that is not bad but 2.01 is pretty good