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18.05.2007, 02:24

Author: fightingirish

Best in Tactics is recruiting

Hi, I sent you an email. Drop by the clan site and say hello. Hope to see you soon.

16.05.2007, 12:49

Author: fightingirish

Best in Tactics is recruiting

We are a mature community mainly focused on BF2 (Battlefield 2), BF2142 (Battlefield 2142, and AA (Americas Army). We share a this our clan not this is my clan mentality. We believe that every one should contribute in everything from voting members in, making hot topics, all with the hopes of making the clan better . We are friendly, motivated group of individuals that work on the emphasis of having fun. We rely heavily on teamwork, using player's natural strengths to contribute to the team goal...

24.04.2007, 16:08

Author: fightingirish

Looking for a clan

www.bestintactics.com Most welcome to come on by and say hi.

14.04.2007, 20:21

Author: fightingirish

Looking for BF 2 Clan...

Hi guys. Just so you know. Sneak77 has joined the Best in Tactics Clan. Regards

03.04.2007, 07:55

Author: fightingirish

is gamespy down?

for some reason this seems to be a random glitch with the gamespy servers. Example being, I had full connectivity to servers last night whereas other clan members didnt have any. Heres a response from EA regarding this. Hello, Thanks for contacting EA Technical Support! We are currently experiencing an issue with the connection to account servers for Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. This issue is currently under investigation and we hope to have the problem resolved as quickly as possible. Pl...

24.03.2007, 11:57

Author: fightingirish

want a laid back clan

Check us out at www.bestintactics.com We are a US based clan with our own AA, BF2, BF2 Euro and BF2142 servers. I am sure you will fit in to our well established clan. Look forward to seeing you Regards.

23.03.2007, 10:13

Author: fightingirish

looking for a bf2 clan (british)

. To follow on from Budrick. We are looking for experienced players to help us build are Euro division. Once completed we will be entering the TWL european league. The North American side of our clan has been very successful and we now want to carry this on into europe. We have are own European server and have a Ventrilo Voip. It would be great to have you onboard. Look forward to seeing you. Regards.

23.03.2007, 10:10

Author: fightingirish

Captain looking for competitive + fun clan

Check us out at www.bestintactics.com. We are active in TWL for both AA and BF2. Members of our clan are Mainly from the US and Canada. It would great to have you on board. Regards.

12.03.2007, 10:29

Author: fightingirish

Valid points

It dont matter what rank the other teams carry. If on your team you are playing as squads you will give anyone a game even if they were all stacked as generals.

10.03.2007, 16:43

Author: fightingirish

=)BiT(= BestinTactics is recruiting EU Players

Going for over a year now. Bestintactics is recruiting for BF2 Players in the EU. We have been active in the NA TWL leagues in AA and BF2 and have built a very good reputation for ourselves. We now have a EU server running and at present our starting to build an EU squad for competition purposes. However if you just want to experience the clan environment and meet new friends then this is also what we are looking for. There is a minimum age requirement of 18 to join are clan and all new recruit...

08.03.2007, 23:10

Author: fightingirish


Check out our clan site. I think we our what you been looking for. www.bestintactics.com

08.03.2007, 23:07

Author: fightingirish


Hey. Check out our clan site. www.bestintactics.com I dont need to say anymore. It does it all.

10.11.2006, 02:35

Author: Fightingirish

Glitching getting out of hand.

Well I know for sure I am well tired of the number of guys who come into a server now and use the transport glitch to rack up their points. Going from 1 to 400 in a matter on minutes. This game could be great if those lazy asses at EA would pull their finger out.

08.11.2006, 15:53

Author: Fightingirish

Omg The ********** Hacker

I was playing on a rackage server last night and 2 guys hacking and glitching or whatever. There points were going up by the second ie. jumped from 200 to 400+ in a matter of 10 seconds. I got the screenies of this as did some of my clan mates. Question is. Is this a glitch in the game or not. Because thats what the admin tried to tell us was going on.

25.10.2006, 16:57

Author: fightingirish

Not letting your stats be seen

Cant see what odds it makes what a guys stats are like. Let them flame all day if they want. Its up to you if ya wanna get involved in the back and forth with them.

24.10.2006, 18:28

Author: fightingirish

Bout that time..

Yup. All good advice. I hated basic when I done it. But after it was all worth it. I wish you well mate. Take care

23.10.2006, 18:43

Author: fightingirish

need help ply ply ply

you need to download patch 1.4 full and not the beta. Thats what your problem is.

23.10.2006, 17:28

Author: fightingirish

mouse prob

what sort of mouse is it. if you needed to install drivers for it. I would suggest you reinstall them first and see if that fixes it.

22.10.2006, 22:40

Author: fightingirish

Transport Badge

Or you can just sit in a transport vehicle for 10 mins.

22.10.2006, 13:53

Author: fightingirish

Spray problem?

Hell. If you spray to get a kill what odds does it make. means you stay alive and the other guy is dead. All good to me. Plus I would use spray tactics against enemy to pin them down so my squad mates can out flank them and kill there sorry behinds.

21.10.2006, 19:07

Author: fightingirish

rocket launching tracking (helicoptor)

If your the gunner then hit your right mouse button to bring up TV guided missiles. Once you do that fire a missile at a target. If its moving tap your left mouse button in the direction of the target to track the target.

21.10.2006, 03:09

Author: fightingirish

Top Tips!!

Play in a squad. Play as a squad and help your squad mates out.

20.10.2006, 15:23

Author: fightingirish

AMD vs Intel

Get the intel core duo mate. A much better cpu for the money and highly overclockable. I would also consider getting the x1950 graphics card.

20.10.2006, 15:19

Author: fightingirish

Airplanes on BF2 SUCK

I play Lock on and enjoy it but the only problem with it is it is so damn slow. Skills learned in that game can to some degree be carried over into BF2. But as someone mentioned BF2 wasnt supposed to be true to life like lockon. Just enjoy it for what it is. I am still amazed by the fact you can be flying in a jet while others are either in helos or ground pounding. And yes I am one of those vengeful pilots who comes looking for the stinger guy who shot my tail off last pass.

20.10.2006, 13:27

Author: fightingirish

will fight for good aussie clan

Hey. Not my squad but look these guys up. One of the best squads in Aus. www.sonsquad.com Play as a squad and are into playing matches. Good luck and if you do consider joining them just mention my name.