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19.06.2006, 20:09

Author: bbgunmaster

L96A1 vs M24

i suggest getting l96 when ur not playing US, you will stuck with the crappy m95 or the weak semi the mp-7 aint that good unless u play engy alot p90 is ok, but i prefer the dao over it

02.06.2006, 19:24

Author: bbgunmaster

TOP TEN LIST - The fastest Way to get kicked/banned from a server!

best way to get kicked = go spec ops, spawn at beginning of game, throw c4s on the bh, jets, helis, etc blow them up when they fly is hilarious, even funnier when teamdamage is off

31.05.2006, 18:12

Author: bbgunmaster

SF Vehicle Drops

that last pic was great lmao good laugh

26.05.2006, 16:51

Author: bbgunmaster

We can drive the trucks?

Quoted Originally posted by *FMJ*Power i can already see the semis rolling down the exspressway with c4 plastered all over the front grill, hehehehhehe. to bad we are only getting 3 maps and one is a night map!!! talk about cutting corners, no textures to code, probobly slapped that map out in 2 days, what is ea thinking???? i smell a bigger turd than euro forces ever was..... Yeah!!! Jihad semi!

25.05.2006, 19:22

Author: bbgunmaster

Wot, no c4?

Quoted Originally posted by =DHZ=rec0gnice Have a Vodnic on your chopper is nice, too Oo lolol nice dude,

25.05.2006, 18:20

Author: bbgunmaster

RE: blazin.uk ?????

Quoted Originally posted by sts_roberts Chuck Norris paid him a visit XD lmao he got roundhouse kicked by chuck norris

25.05.2006, 16:40

Author: bbgunmaster

Flying A Chopper

use BH usually on oman or someother maps, their usually empty so take advantage of them place around with them, turn, strafe, etc then move up to the cobra when you get better jump into the havok, is hard moving it around, imo is harder to fly then cobra, so practice with it on single player maps some tips: when your gunner uses the tv missiles and misses, move in with the chopper and strafe the target with missiles only have ur gunner use gun when theres infantry around, if there is a tank or a...

25.05.2006, 16:24

Author: bbgunmaster

Name Violation??

dont play on christian servers

24.05.2006, 16:21

Author: bbgunmaster

commander glitching

a car with a parachute can blow up a arty but tanks can wow gj ea

23.05.2006, 21:56

Author: bbgunmaster

Vehicle Drops W00000t!

weee now theres more things to worry about then supply boxes killing you is a great addition would be pretty interesting to have buggy on top of sharqi tv station

23.05.2006, 20:39

Author: bbgunmaster

Commander jeep drop

a jeep on carrier is a dream come true

23.05.2006, 20:27

Author: bbgunmaster

You Can Boast All You Want

like 100 something back in BH Whore Masturr days

23.05.2006, 20:23

Author: bbgunmaster

Funny Game Pics

lol funny pics dude free tv station for allah! lmao

23.05.2006, 18:28

Author: bbgunmaster

Bring the APC back to 64 Mashtuur?

Quoted Originally posted by freekblabla Quoted Originally posted by -=dr=-grimsqueaker Meh, we have enough maps for armour sluts, what we need is more infantry maps amen! More infantry maps would be nice

23.05.2006, 16:35

Author: bbgunmaster

3rd sniper video ... beyond expectations

nice sniping dude ur sniping stats are weak tho, get them up

23.05.2006, 16:32

Author: bbgunmaster

Double kill with an L96?

dam i gotta try this lol i miss the good old double killing back in AA with m82

22.05.2006, 22:44

Author: bbgunmaster

Rolling and shooting accurately???

Quoted Originally posted by -=[RAM]=-Napalm HOLY REVIVED THREAD BATMAN! I was reading along, and thought, cool! Then someone said: "Bunny hopping will be gone after patch 1.2" LOL. lol

22.05.2006, 22:17

Author: bbgunmaster

is there a reason why missles dont hit J10?

i fly with mouse and keyboard and own every1 with j-10 f-35 = missile magnet

22.05.2006, 20:50

Author: bbgunmaster

Battlefield 10 B.C.

*shoots arrow* BOOM HEADSHOT! *cuts someone's head off* BOOM HEADSHOT! o wait, where did your head go? stick with the guns k, if u want to make medievel, etc, go make mod

22.05.2006, 20:44

Author: bbgunmaster

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

iran isnt gonna do anything stupid if they fire a nuke the whole world will want to invade iran