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29.12.2016, 01:01

Author: {Armada}_Dopefather

Good old Bridge Crossing days..If you played Bridge Crossing at around Ver 1.1 - 2.3 please mention your name and memories here!!!

HOOAH ! Dopefather reporting in ! Dunno if you guys remember me...I only played bridge (98%) and was in a {Armada} and {Knights}... A lot of famous bridge clans have been said here... Remember all of them and also remember most of the players you talked about... Its a long time ago but very good times indeed ! My original account on this tracker got hacked tho, with my email . {Armada}_Broandelex found out who via a private message i've send him. This is a new account just to post something to y...

29.12.2016, 00:23

Author: {Armada}_Dopefather

Does anyone remember The " ORIGINAL " {Kamikaze} clan and the other great clans from 1.5 - 2.1 etc

Hello all, I remember alot of your names, esp Just and Magic who I played ALOT of bridge with! Good times ... but I'm kinda sad noone remembers {Armada} (or me for that matter 0) edit: and {Compound} ? grtz