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31.01.2007, 16:42

America's Army Mobile Phone Game

[size=1]America’s Army®: Special Operations, the first official mobile game of the U.S. Army, will be available from all major cell phone carriers in early February. The U.S. Army and Gameloft, a publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones, co-developed the game.

In America’s Army: Special Operations, you’ll join the ranks of the world’s premier military land force in a mission to repel an enemy attack. Assume the roles of U.S. Army personnel from Apache helicopter pilot to infantry Soldier to Stryker commander. With advanced combat sequences and fully-destructible environments (including desert, city, and jungle scenes), this game will immerse you in the action.

"We have worked closely with Gameloft to create a fast-paced military action game worthy of the America's Army name," said Colonel Casey Wardynski, project director of the America's Army project. "In keeping with our PC and console titles, America's Army: Special Operations embodies the high levels of attention to detail and realism that have made America's Army the definitive title for games about the U.S. Army."

"Real videos of the U.S. Army were studied to create all the animations and graphics you see in this game," said Gonzague de Vallois, Gameloft's Vice President of Publishing. "Players will be able to employ actual U.S. Army weapons and technologies. No other mobile game can offer that and I'm quite pleased with our results."

[size=2]America's Army: Special Operations is now available at www.americasarmymobile.com!!![/size]

[size=1]Source: www.americasarmy.com, www.gameloft.com[/size]

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31.01.2007, 16:44

RE: Coming Soon: America's Army Mobile Phone Game


the things they do for the comunity never thought it would get this far but wow




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31.01.2007, 16:46

looool omg :w00t:

just what we needed? :rolling:


»] License 2 Kill [«

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31.01.2007, 16:47

First thought....


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31.01.2007, 16:51

omg o_O
I will give it a chance... >.<




31.01.2007, 16:52

OMG, this is so sick but great!!!




31.01.2007, 16:52

AA on my phone :/ that would be crazy lolz. :blink: would be good though.... do we have to pay to play it apart from the actual net charge? :crazy:

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31.01.2007, 17:08

AA gets mobile... :hehe: This is crazy. I suppose it's gonna be a single player game otherwise it'll be a lot of tears and pain when the phone bills will arrive :w00t:
Anyway, a big HOOAH for the devs! They deserve it!

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31.01.2007, 17:13

Do you have to buy the game? If so i won't play it :rolleyes:

[V8 @ 6.3 AMG] [Dutch Man]@[Germany] [Dinozzo $a-book]



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31.01.2007, 17:34

it will be very hard to play multiplayer with such a small screen...

and the control buttons will be weird since they're the # pad
hella baddie


]-Gfm-[ Member

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31.01.2007, 17:41

O god, its sad that AA has degraded to mobile phones....



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31.01.2007, 17:51

lol never thought this happening :laugh:

Nice one tho :P

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31.01.2007, 17:58

thats need the world :wacko: :blink:

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31.01.2007, 18:18

Rofl I have to buy that :D



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31.01.2007, 18:21

will be some nice phonebills for some ppl :)



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31.01.2007, 18:22

i have to say, that was quite unexpected.

will there be new versions for it too? :hehe:

[SIZE=1]I have no ROE, life is good[/SIZE]

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31.01.2007, 18:35

online phone AA :laugh: :laugh:

That game must be good :crazy: And it's incredible booring to play any games with phones... :yes:



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31.01.2007, 18:35


Originally posted by rNo
it will be very hard to play multiplayer with such a small screen...

and the control buttons will be weird since they're the # pad

i believe it will be single player mode not multyplayer

anyway its a good thing, cause it will sure attract some more players who will now hear about it over mobile phones etc.

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31.01.2007, 18:37

it better be 3d haha :D



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31.01.2007, 18:48

lmao... :crazy:

funny guys :hehe:
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