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08.06.2003, 09:30

About Clans .....

What u think about clans: US, German, Polish, Dutch and many more ?????????

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08.06.2003, 19:09

Don't exactly understand what you mean?

Dutch clans are great, but that's my opinion and since I'm chauvinistic (is that an english word? :S) it's not a fair one :P

I think on the internet, countries don't matter......
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09.06.2003, 08:15

I want know something "How u see clans from other countrs"




09.06.2003, 11:43

I was playing with some not polish clans and i have great time playing with them - i have only one bad experience [i dont remember clan ! it was german clan! ] i was having a great day and i was killing hole clan and they dont like it so they call me cheater and kicked me :(. Generally i like to play with other clans :D

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09.06.2003, 11:51

i have a clan of 2 countries, belgium en netherland.

i like the wars against other clans, everybody is then serious and the game is at his best than.
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09.06.2003, 11:53

It's not country related, there are nice clans everywhere, but also clans I like to see go away.
Iam also Dutch, but there are clans with members here I really dislike, full of online wankers etc.
Once in a while I feel a shame to be a resident from the same country, when I see once again a dutchie whining.
We Dutchies seams to whine a lot online, more than other country's, spoiled I guess. :rolling:

However there are German, French, Swedish and Belgian clans I really like.

Somehow I almost never play with/against US clans, I can't figure out why, maybe because the toppers are somekind of arrogant in forums like the AA.com forum.
Must be some kind of culture shock I don't know, hard to catch this question of yours kuba.




09.06.2003, 19:59

i have played with clans from all over the world in many different games they are all cool to me

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09.06.2003, 21:49

clans are clans are clans. there all cool untill they start talking global in a different language.
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10.06.2003, 00:28

Whats wrong with GLobal , ignirance is your flaw mate I speak German and a little French get with the Times and get your head out your arse. I say the more languages you know the better you shall be respected.
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11.06.2003, 21:00

Mixed clans are cool too :D



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15.06.2003, 10:47

For communication between the teammates in public servers it is obvious that one language is necessary.
This game suppose to be a game for teamplay not for loose canons with another language.
English is the key, rather you like it or not.
It has nothing to do with ignorance, but everything with common sense.
In private servers, everything is possible, even german or french or (this was my own experience last week Hebrew) :dry:
Try the last one in public Darklord_UK....




13.02.2005, 10:30

I like Dutch clans because I am Dutch :whistle:
But Netherlanders are active in every game and in a Dutch clan you will never feel bored....
English and American clans are too pretty well...

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13.02.2005, 13:37

Mike, this thread is 8 months old, plz don't post in threads wich are dormant for more then a few weeks.
Thx :)