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31.07.2005, 19:32

This server only allows players with unmodified content to join.

i just reinstalled bf2 because it was acting funny on me, i have not modified it in any way whatsoever, shuld i install the 1.02 patchthat i previously had on it, is this a punkbuster problem?? what is up with this weird message. (ive tried getting into a couple different servers but same msg pops up each time)

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31.07.2005, 19:52

If you are playing without the new patch, you are probably trying to connect to servers that are. Verification is failing because your files are not the same as the servers you are trying to join. A patch is a modification :P

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31.07.2005, 19:53

kk, ill check wether or not i checked of the "same version only" box, but shuldnt the servers i was clicking be marked in red if they were not the same version?? (they were white)


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31.07.2005, 22:31

white is good, red is other...
I hope you got enough! We rock G-Spots, neighbours be complainin’ when I make yo pussy beatbox...

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03.08.2005, 08:31

I get the same message when i try to join servers that have the same verison of bf2 as me...


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03.08.2005, 08:46

I get it every so often. Usually goes away. Happens when server crashes and stuff

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03.08.2005, 15:28

RE: This server only allows players with unmodified content to join.

It has to do with a file the patch is not updateing correctly. I had this same problem.
I am at work so forgive me if the folder names are a bit off.

1. Go to my documents/Battlefield 2/ dmp/ (i think its dmp)

2. Delete the patchlog file.

3. reinstall patch and reboot.

I did this 2-3 times and it finally fixed the file correctly. If I remember right the file is in the mods folder. The file is called "Objects_client.zip" The original file is 511mb the modified file after patch is 510mb.

this is what fixed it for me although there seems to be many fixes for many people. here is a link to a long discussion and fixes for it and "patching failed error.

Patching Failed & modified content link

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03.08.2005, 17:40

Stainless is right cos I had the same - u need to install the V1.02 patch.

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03.08.2005, 17:43

thx bud, i just had to reinstall and install the patch tho, now shes all good to go :w00t: