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07.09.2009, 22:30

Im still playing 2.8.5 almost every day :yeha:

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10.09.2009, 19:41

since all these ES2 addons ive moved onto COD4.....AA isnt what it used to be anymore ?(
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12.09.2009, 22:29

I started AA3 from the very beginning and I was disapointed about the game, then I realised that I need to give the game some time to develop further, but I couldn't really play related to probs with system mostly some issues with my graphics card, since my system crashed two weeks ago and I had to rebuild it, I could run it with bigger issues but sine the actual update my HUD disapered again :ranting: and without a HUD it's bullshit to play cause I can't tell who's friend or foe or where are my hurt teammates so I can help em. So actually I just began to dl AA2 and I will play it again... :wacko:

AA3 is a very nice game, but there is still much more work needed before it has the chance to become as popular as AA2 :whistle:

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20.09.2009, 23:54

Giving up on AA3, Can't stand it. AA2 - AA3 are totally 2 different games. They never improved upon AA2, but remade a totally new game which in my eyes has failed. IF IT AINT BROKEN, DONT FIX IT!


Kosta Jovanov™

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22.09.2009, 11:32

Tracker stats mean nothing tbh..

I play untracked but I play everyday :) It seems to me the EU side of AA has increased some and the comp side is doing ok :) but there's a few of us still around.



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22.09.2009, 17:55

i just started playing 2.8.5 again, after some time.
But...there is not mutch activity. Only 1 server for bridge crossing.
Have i missed something (new patches or so??)

I must stick to aa 2.XX becourse my video-card cant handle 3 :(

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22.09.2009, 19:58

only 1 server on bridge?? are you sure you have the latest AA2 version? :P cuz there are just too many bridge servers out there on 2.8.5! :crazy:

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22.09.2009, 20:25

Maybe he meant only one server with players on.............

There have been way too many Bridge servers since 1.0 I think. I started at 2.3 so I can't know...



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23.09.2009, 17:38

well, i am not sure if i have the latest version of aa.
But when i login, there is only 1 game where people ara playing : bridge crossing.

Last online:
21.09.2009, 23:29 on bridge crossing

Last Server:
U.S. Army Official EGN.com.au Melb VIC 1

so...where do i find the latest version of aa 2.xxx? All i can find is the new 3.xx

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23.09.2009, 19:42

That server seems to be on 2.8.4.
With Deploy Client you shud be able to get the latest version.
google/search americasarmy.com/tracker website to find it, atm im too lazy to post a link :pinch:

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23.09.2009, 21:05

yep, ive found that problem....
Thirst thought that it might be the problem of another game, wich wss installed on my computer (battle field heroes, had the same problem with trackmania nations )
Uninstalled it, but still no active servers. Then i saw that my version was....2.8.4 :blush:

I am downloading it now.......


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05.10.2009, 01:49


I dont play much lately and when I do I dont play serious, Kamikaze runs for the most part :hehe:
Things that can be fixed/ added in a 2.8.X patch:
with sniper, unable to get away because your stuck walking slow if you were scoped and the re-zoom after reload, I die alot because of it when I rush on urban! Should add that you dont have to load a new round before sprinting to safety! (One of the very few features I like in AA3.x)

Weapon still disappears if you drop off a ledge from time to time, Annoying when you drop down on an enemy. A work around for this until it gets fixed if ever, is to scope in when you fall, your weapon wont drop.

Weapon glitch at start of round where you cant run, pain in the butt if your trying to get somewhere fast and you have to drop/pick up your gun to sprint!

GET RID OF THE (FC)! I like 2.5/2.6 still because when you force you dont loose honor points!

Lets add Knives! :w00t: SURPRISE!
Alright im done ranting at work and should probably stop before I get caught :mask: :crazy:

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05.10.2009, 14:51

I tried AA3 but i still love AA2 so i am not swtching over for now i will stick with AA2 as long as i can



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07.11.2009, 08:24

i was wondering again if the numbers leaned to wich version... the link is broken since we moved to battletracker....
where can i find the new one? the version stats?



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07.11.2009, 10:06

http://battletracker.com/index.php ---> Game Activity

No other stats for AA2/AA3 at the moment.
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08.11.2009, 11:39

still ahead of aa3 :thumbup:
I lost my debate 8o

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12.11.2009, 22:01

Tried AA3 when it launched. I couldn't submit training results, couldn't join a server to try online, couldn't launch a map in single player to explore. Said to hell with it and uninstalled a few days later. Going to fire up AA2 for the first time in a long time tonight. I'm glad to see more people playing AA2 than AA3. Too bad we'll never see the numbers we saw before the AA3 trash came along.
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05.05.2010, 16:07

im still playing AA2



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05.05.2010, 21:31

2.8.5 !!!!

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06.05.2010, 17:00

AA 2 FTW!!!!