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Sexiest member!

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03.01.2015, 15:27

Damn those good old days :)
Recycle your pets!

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06.01.2015, 18:10

I always remember the "Bootcamp" from S@ndfriends, they made good trainings for newbies and spent a lot of time to introduce the game to new players... :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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07.01.2015, 20:55

hey guys

maybe some old friends here? [hoba] =PAF= -dE][ ??? i should reinstall army. that was fun. good old days on mountain pass 8)

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15.01.2015, 09:28

so many familiar bridge clan tags here, haven't seen any BAHAMUT yet.
You can find old drunkies playing AA PG time by time.
Maybe it´s time to dl the old version



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29.05.2015, 10:41


And all like that. Hi Fixer.



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01.06.2015, 21:45


<- =NSYA=mc_sampel if anyone remembers..:)



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23.06.2015, 16:52

insane were good and also bahamanuts



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02.09.2015, 16:07

Fuck, i see recent posts in here...and familiar names. Thought we all died out like Neanderthals...
My fingers itch about once a year to reinstall this game...in the days it was better then sex (mainly because i didn't get any =o)

Cheers to ya all :thumbup:

ps. Bring up the Kami server again "Human" <<--German D-whore, so i can kill u again....and again...an...



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13.09.2015, 18:33

Anyone remember me? :hehe:

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21.11.2015, 15:50

Regular Joes ................... =[RJ]= tags

When 3 came out and then BF, everyone bailed.

Just found 2.5 Assist last night, gonna start popping in on border map again, love that map...... :)

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21.11.2015, 23:41

the only decent bridge clan i remember was {elite}. those guys where the shit.
That bridge on Haparanda is leaking. Defence it and don´t let em pass it.

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14.02.2016, 03:33

anyone remember me? played for NAC, rs (rising storm) and of course.. PECK haha

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15.02.2016, 14:13

I remember some of ya.

Anyone remember =DFF= and my friends from back when?



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18.02.2016, 00:38

the game

before high speed cable , I downloaded this game on dial up , took 12 hrs on a piece of crap e-machine 533 , been hooked ever since , but my bro's are all gone , so I don't play as much anymore , but when I do ,pipe and bridge are my favorits . shoot ya there :mask:

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23.03.2016, 16:14


and many others,
some from HF| and HA| i don't remember :D
I always remember the "Bootcamp" from S@ndfriends, they made good trainings for newbies and spent a lot of time to introduce the game to new players... :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
I remember them as well... :D

-greets, ]-BC-_just_K.P.

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28.12.2016, 15:29

I remember a few of them, I also remember the clans that i was part of from 2005 till now: first clan : =NhL= , sVs (Suprieure Vlaamse Strijders), USSE, {MOD} ( Masters Of Disasters ) and last clan and still till this day member -=FSD=- ( Forgotten Souls of Darkness) , Feel free to check out our website, you'll find a lot of oldschool AA stuff , and i recommend watching the video on the website at the bottom 'FSD A storm is coming' brings back memories!

hope you'll enjoy!



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29.12.2016, 00:23

Hello all,

I remember alot of your names, esp Just and Magic who I played ALOT of bridge with! Good times ... but I'm kinda sad noone remembers {Armada} (or me for that matter :P0)

edit: and {Compound} ?


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Greek God oF Booty

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29.12.2016, 00:32

yeah no love for {Armada}? lol I remember a lot of the people who have posted in this thread... just today was talkin with dope and we decided to dig up our accounts lol so /salute and since NYE is coming up I'll have a drink for all the good times and memories from the bridge.