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PPS: You never apologized, only criticized and were very vocal in the insult department. I'd rather not retarded players even if that means to play with less.
PS: I never wrote LOL or any other variation of that, nor did I use any kind of interjection expressing laughter.
getrektkid. You're teamkiller, retarded, and a liar.

First, you're a liar because you didnt get a perma ban, only five minutes. I did that even with the following...
Secondly, you insult admin and all the other players. Not a good way to get absolution.
Lastly, I got in and people started asking me to ban you and, even though I saw you TK immediately on the chat messages, I ignored. Next round you fired first and someone gor killed, and shot another player (a wAa member no less) thereafter, only getting shot back as you were kicked by the ROE system.

If I was being just, youd get perma ban. Try to behave...
after i connect again and ask what his problem is with me? i apologized i accidentally team killed beacuse im new, then again he said haha nope youre retarded and PERMA banned me. really? this is how shitty the community got? thank you 82nd_H3_SFC=SILVER for being an absolute cunt to a new player.
i kill the teamkiller then im kicked. i return to the server and ask why im kicked? the admin says you teamkilled! i tell him i killed the guy killing our entire team, he laughs and says im retarded. then kicked me another 8 times while i try to play this game
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